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Osteopathy and fertility: a conversation with Nacho Ordaz

Nacho-Ordaz-Tambre Osteopatía

As we have been announcing in the last months, Tambre is committed to everything that contributes to benefit our assisted reproduction treatments. That is why, after speaking on the blog about nutrition, reflexology and acupuncture, today we immerse ourselves in the universe of osteopathy and fertility. For this occasion we have interviewed Nacho Ordaz, a professional who has just joined the Tambre team to carry out this therapeutic methodology in our clinic.

What can we learn about the concept of osteopathy?

According to him, the mission of osteopathy is to eliminate the physical blockages behind most of the dysfunctions we suffer after a thorough diagnostic examination. The osteopath explains that the obvious relationship between this discipline and fertility is searching for tissue relaxation, and therefore favoring the embryo transfer.

The osteopathy is in full expansion in the field of fertility. “More and more studies seem to confirm its effectiveness treating infertility factors and, I hope, we can start applying them in the clinic soon,” Nacho explains.

When we asked him what he likes best about his profession, he told us the following: “I have been working in the field of manual therapies for 20 years and I am passionate about the fact that we are able to improve different dysfunction with very little interference. I love being able to expand the scope of action in these while continuing to learn new techniques.”

Welcome to Tambre, Nacho!

He believes that it is not always necessary to compartmentalize the human body in order to treat it. It makes no sense to focus on one part and ignore the rest. “In fields such as fertility, where stress and tension play a big role, I believe that manual therapies and osteopathy in particular can help the future mother to find physical balance and relaxation that contribute to the fact that the process comes to a good end, ”explains the expert.

Nacho Ordaz is very excited to start this adventure with us. He cannot wait to challenge his knowledge in osteopathy and expand his experience to the fullest in assisted reproduction. He is confident that Tambre will evolve in terms of complementary therapies and will become a reference centre in this field.