ZyMot-ICSI: Sperm selection

infertilidad masculina

Device that allows us to select the best spermatozoa

Technique especially useful in spermatozoa with double-stranded DNA fragmentation.

What is ZyMot-ICSI?

ZyMot-ICSI, formerly known as Chip Fertile, is a simple and innovative device that allows us to select the best spermatozoa to be used in the intracytoplasmic microinjection technique, ICSI.

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This technique is especially useful when the ejaculate contains a high percentage of spermatozoa with double-stranded DNA fragmentation.

How to select the best sperm for ICSI

To obtain a healthy embryo that will implant and develop correctly, we need both the oocyte and the sperm to be in perfect condition.

Therefore, if we detect high levels of sperm DNA fragmentation, we must try to select the healthiest sperm in order to perform a successful IVF-ICSI.

Fragmentation is damage that can be found in the genetic content of the sperm, i.e. its DNA. DNA fragmentation can take two forms:

Single fragmentation, when only one DNA strand is broken, which can interfere with achieving fertilisation.

Double fragmentation, when both strands of DNA are broken, which can cause more serious problems, such as a lower fertilisation rate and a lower implantation rate.

As we can see, the evaluation of sperm DNA fragmentation is an important factor. For this reason, the ZyMot-ICSI system allows us to maximise the chances of success of assisted reproduction treatments using the ICSI technique.

What does the ZyMot-ICSI system consist of?

The ZyMot-ICSI technique (formerly known as Chip Fertile) mimics the conditions of the female vaginal tract, which is an effective natural selector in terms of the number and integrity of the sperm that reach the oocyte.

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This single-use test consists of a device where we place a quantity of fresh ejaculate in the input wells and allow it to incubate. During this brief incubation, only the best sperm will make it through the microfluidic channel to the output well where they will be collected for use in intracytoplasmic microinjection. It is therefore a simple and fast procedure that does not require centrifugation of the ejaculate.

The spermatozoa that manage to pass through the channels of the ZyMot-ICSI chip and reach the output well have undergone a selection process very similar to that which would be found naturally in the female tract. These sperm have better motility, morphology and less DNA double-strand fragmentation, which makes the chip a great selection tool.

When is the ZyMot-ICSI system suitable?

The ZyMot-ICSI system is used in cases of male infertility where it is necessary to select the best quality spermatozoa to increase the chances of successful fertilisation and embryo development. It is suitable in situations such as double sperm DNA fragmentation, fertilisation failure in conventional IVF, and history of recurrent miscarriages.

This technique cannot be used in cases where sperm quality in terms of concentration and/or motility is very limited, so alternatives are used in these cases.


ZyMot-ICSI: a natural and safe system for sperm selection

It is a single-use device. This makes it safer, as contamination or cross-contamination of samples is avoided.

The system simulates natural selection, so it does not contain chemical compounds that alter sperm behaviour.

Handling of the sperm samples is minimised, which can help to avoid possible damage during the selection process.

By combining more natural sperm selection with the ICSI technique, the fertilisation rate increases compared to conventional IVF.

Successful treatment

ZyMot-ICSI selects the best sperm for a successful IVF-ICSI treatment.

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