Clinical Team

We are a team of people ready to offer you the specialisation you are looking for.

Multidisciplinary assistance

When you enter the Tambre Clinic for the first time, you will immediately sense that you’re in an environment of trust and security.

The Tambre team is formed by professionals with a long experience and trajectory in advanced reproductive medicine, specialised in fertility. A multidisciplinary team in which most of the specialists are members of the most important national and international scientific societies such as SEF, ESHRE and ASEBIR.

In addition to the value of experience and high training, we have the human quality of the people who are part of Tambre. We put ourselves in your shoes and do our best to help you achieve your pregnancy.

Every dream has its own name

We are a team whose mission is to help you and accompany you on the road to motherhood and fatherhood. Each patient is unique and each dream has its own name.

We work hand in hand with the expert in fertility psychology Raquel Urteaga because we believe that emotional support is fundamental and necessary on the road to motherhood. That is why we provide you with a team and an environment of intimacy, trust and security, always respecting your needs and preferences.

Clinical team

The highly specialised advanced fertility clinical team is composed of qualified fertility gynecologists, urologists, immunologists and psychologists.

For us it is very important that you feel the security of getting to know the people who will accompany you on your journey. We are professional experts in reproductive medicine who will do our best to give you a personalised diagnosis. Always with the closeness, understanding and empathy that we all need in the journey to motherhood.

We are supported by a team of specialised professionals working in our own IVF (in vitro fertilisation) and andrology laboratories: biologists, embryologists and andrologists, with in-depth and highly specialised knowledge of human reproduction and gamete and embryo management.

We are a human team ready to offer you the specialisation you are looking for.

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Personalised guide to success

We accompany you during your fertility treatment. Our team speaks not only Spanish, but also English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Arabic, so that the process is easier for you and you can access and have all the information you need in a closer, simpler and more understandable way for you. We will provide you with detailed information about each step of the process, answer your questions and accompany you to make the road to pregnancy easier for you.

We have a great Patient Care team to offer you the best experience during your treatment: we will welcome you to the clinic; we will assist you from the initial contact and we also guarantee an excellent follow-up after the treatment.