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Welcome to Tambre Talks, a space for information, learning and experience where our knowledge is shared, science guides us, and your stories become inspiration.

How we work

We will bring together real testimonials, patient encounters and conversations with medical experts to give you the support and guidance you need on your journey to parenthood.

Learn from our experts about the aspects of fertility that interest you most. A place of knowledge and experience in which we address current issues, information on treatments, medical specialties…

Immerse yourself in our talks and interviews where knowledge is combined with empathy, and discover how each story is a lesson in resilience and determination. At Tambre, we believe in the power of sharing experiences to build a path of hope and positivity.

Tambre Patient Meeting

Fulfilling dreams together

Join our community and be inspired by those who have walked this path before you. A space where every story counts and where dreams have a name of their own.