Advanced Techniques and Technologies

At Tambre we use the most advanced reproductive medicine. More than 45 years ago we began a journey with the objective of helping thousands of women on the road to motherhood. And since then we have not stopped researching and improving, always at the cutting edge of medical technology.

Our daily commitment is to provide you with care based on rigorous scientific evidence.

Your personalized treatment

Our goal is to offer you an accurate diagnosis that will lead to an effective treatment.
This will allow us to reduce the time to achieve your pregnancy and reduce the uncertainty and emotional burden that the process may involve. Key to this is research and continuous training, which give us the opportunity to individualize your treatment and personalize it. Nowadays, genetic studies help us to advance in this more precise diagnosis.

Advanced techniques and technologies at your disposal:



GERI®: Embryo Incubator

Sperm collection – Testicular aspiration or biopsy

Endometrial PRP


Sample identification RI Witness

Reproductive Medicine Specialists

The protocols used at Tambre to apply the techniques and treatments are continuously updated and improved. To this end, our team is continuously training to ensure the best possible results for your treatment to be a success.

Technical excellence is one of our pillars, and is accompanied by an equally crucial sense of humanity. We strive to create an environment where you, our patient, feel that you are welcomed, understood and valued. The combination of top quality service in a friendly and empathetic environment transforms the medical experience into something uniquely personal and human.

We can help you achieve what you want most because we exceed technological standards. Every day at Tambre is an opportunity to grow, innovate and contribute to offering medicine based on excellence. Each member of the Tambre team has a constant desire to improve and a vision of service focused on you, and on achieving your pregnancy.

Here you will find a professional path that wants to reduce uncertainties and give you the certainty that we will do everything possible for you to achieve your dream.

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey with Advanced Reproductive Medicine tailored to you.

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey to Advanced Reproductive Medicine tailored to you.