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Consulta de psicología en la clínica de fertilidad Tambre

Multidisciplinary team

To offer you the best advanced reproductive medicine, at Tambre we have a multidisciplinary medical team that, together with our team of gynaecologists specialising in fertility, provide support and new approaches to treatments.

For this purpose, we have Psychology, Immunology and Urology Units that are part of our commitment to offer you a comprehensive approach.

Specialised professionals

The presence of these professionals is crucial because each one brings their own specialised knowledge that complements and enriches our assisted reproduction treatments

The Immunology Unit helps address potential immune-related complications that may affect fertility by evaluating possible immune imbalances that could affect your ability to become pregnant and pose an obstacle to your dream of becoming a mother.

The Psychology Unit provides emotional support and counselling throughout the process, helping our patients to face the emotional challenges that may arise. Their intervention is essential to help manage stressful situations and emotions related to fertility, providing strategies to strengthen mental health during this journey.

The Urology Unit focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of male fertility problems. They perform specific, specialised tests and treatments to address potential problems in the male reproductive system, such as sperm quality, ensuring a comprehensive approach to infertility problems.

With associated medical specialties, our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and personalised care, addressing all facets of fertility. At Tambre we are committed to providing a supportive environment where each patient feels understood and supported in this exciting journey to achieve their dream of having a baby.

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