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Tambre is a cosy, welcoming place where you can fulfil a dream that needs science to become a reality. We share your dreams and wishes. And your goal is our challenge. We specialise in complex cases.

Track record, experience, excellence and the human touch

We have more than 45 years of experience. During this time, we have seen reproductive medicine evolve and we have evolved with it, learning and improving every day. We offer personalised solutions to our patients’ reproductive problems.

You may be with a male partner, a female partner, or you want to undertake this adventure alone. Whatever your circumstances, we will do everything medically possible to achieve your pregnancy, with the necessary tests that are suitable for you.

And if you don’t want to become a mother yet, but want to leave the door open for the future, our egg freezing Tempo programme will allow you to decide later. 

We will accompany you on this journey to make it as easy as possible. Let us show you that trusting us is your first step. We will take you by the hand so that you only have to worry about what really matters. We accompany you on the journey to your pregnancy. We are here for whatever you need, because we are a clinic whose heart beats in unison, with a human team ready to offer you advanced reproductive medicine where personalisation and the human touch are key. 

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You have at your disposal a highly specialised team that offers you state-of-the-art reproductive medicine. We offer you personalised genetic counselling and the most advanced tests to achieve an accurate diagnosis. 

With more than 45 years of experience, the Tambre Clinic is a specialised center focused on helping our patients achieve pregnancy, thanks to a highly qualified team and the use of the latest technology.

We offer a personalised, accurate diagnosis thanks to the multidisciplinary study of each case.

Offering solutions since 1978

Not all clinics are the same. And Tambre stands out from the crowd. Perhaps because we are one of the pioneers of reproductive medicine in Spain. Since 1978 we have been committed to each person who chooses us to make their goal of creating a new life a reality.

Choosing Tambre means choosing a medical, technical and assistance team that is exceptional in terms of knowledge, experience and human qualities. 

A team that will be in contact with you at all times so you don’t have to worry about anything. Before starting your treatment you will have all the detailed information you need so that you can resolve all your doubts before you begin. You will have at your disposal your physician, who is a specialist in advanced reproductive medicine, and a nurse who know your case in depth. And if you are traveling from another country, we have team members specialised in international patients who speak in your native language. Their objective is to accompany you, eliminating the uncertainty that a treatment outside your country can bring.

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We have the latest technology to make pregnancy possible. To trust Tambre is to bet on a clinic that has always been at the forefront of advances in reproductive medicine. We use the most advanced technologies to tailor each treatment to each patient’s needs. We firmly believe in innovation and that is why we are pioneers in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve the challenges we face every day and that result in offering you better treatments that even shorten the time to achieve your pregnancy.

We are passionate about research because every step we take brings us closer to the best and most effective solutions to achieve what you dream of. And we are motivated by the exchange of knowledge. That is why we participate in the most prestigious national and international scientific conferences and meetings.

We are close and human

We are warm and human. We care about our patients and it shows. Our commitment goes beyond the professional, because a great team is involved every day with each patient. Because we don’t give up without trying first. We don’t create false hopes. We speak to you sincerely and ethically. Because we take our work and your trust very seriously.

Tambre Foundation, research at your service

Through our Foundation, which promotes scientific activities and a line of R&D, we promote our own studies. We can later apply these in our practice, finding new methods to improve the treatment of our patients. At the same time, we are a school of professionals, as trainers of biologists and embryologists.

We have launched the most innovative clinical studies to respond to the most complicated cases and we continue to set the standard for treatments that can shorten the time to achieve pregnancy and avoid uncertainty.

Medical excellence

More than 45 years offering an accurate diagnosis to achieve pregnancy for each patient.

We put the most advanced reproductive medicine at your service

We use the latest technologies and remain at the forefront of research

Pioneering the use of artificial intelligence

Our patients talk about us

What to look for in a fertility clinic

When deciding which fertility clinic is the most suitable for you, it is important that the place you choose makes you feel a sense of trust. It is important that you feel your individual circumstances are understood.

You should notice from the very beginning that they have an experienced medical team specialised in fertility. That it has specialised units that can treat you from an integral point of view with immunology, urology and psychology units.

They must have their own laboratories, both for embryology and andrology. And they should have specialists in different fields with the skills to explore different pathologies associated with infertility.

If the clinic’s track record is long, it can give you an idea that you are in a place with solid foundations, with experts involved and many years of experience.

It must offer you some form of integral accompaniment: that allows you to resolve all your doubts. They will explain in detail, as many times as necessary, everything you need to know about your treatment, your medication and any doubts that may arise in any of the phases in which you find yourself.

And where they are transparent and honest: where they tell it like it is and where the patients themselves tell you about their experience.