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By becoming a sperm donor, you will receive much more than you give: you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping other people with fertility problems to fulfil their desire to start a family, something that would not be possible without your help.

Do you want to be a sperm donor? We will advise you without obligation

If, on the other hand, you request a donation

The following services are offered to you:

1. Request for doses in the semen bank

Our services as a sperm bank are requested by different public and private centres, both nationally and internationally.

2. Requesting semen for patients

We offer sperm donation services for patients guaranteeing high quality and safety in each sample, complying with the strictest standards.

What you need to be a sperm donor

Any man between 18 and 35 years old who voluntarily and altruistically wishes to help a woman or couple with gestational difficulties to have a child can be a sperm donor.

In addition, Spanish legislation requires the donor to meet the following requirements:

Not be suffering from any transmissible infectious disease, such as HIV, hepatitis B and C or syphilis.

Not be suffering from genetic diseases or a family history of hereditary alterations.

Be in good physical and mental health, which we can verify through medical and psychological tests.

Good sperm quality to guarantee a high success rate

At the time of donation, the donor must not have conceived more than six children in our country.

What is the procedure to donate sperm?

You can donate with just 3 steps:

You will have to answer a personal and family health questionnaire, detailing any transmissible or hereditary diseases. -By means of a physical examination we will be able to rule out diseases that may affect semen quality.- You will complete psychological questionnaires to assess your emotional suitability.

We will perform a blood and urine test and a semen analysis. Sexual abstinence of 3 to 5 days will be necessary.- We will evaluate, by means of a freezing test, if the spermatozoa recover well after being placed in liquid nitrogen.

If the results of the previous tests are satisfactory, you will be admitted as a donor.-You will then be able to donate by visiting our sperm bank on a weekly basis and donating your sperm sample here.-Each donation will be compensated for the inconvenience caused.

Why become a sperm donor at Tambre?

Our sperm bank is the oldest and most experienced in Madrid, and also a pioneer in Spain.

We have an expert team with more than 40 years of experience.

We provide services also to patients from other national and international assisted reproduction centres.

Your health and safety come first. We offer you all the medical, technical and legal guarantees.

Would you like to become a sperm donor and help us create families?

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And also...

The team of health professionals at our sperm bank will inform and guide you throughout the donation process.

If you are selected as a sperm donor, you will receive a complete report on your general and reproductive health.

Current regulations dictate that sperm donation is voluntary and altruistic. However, at Tambre you will receive compensation for the collection, which is strictly limited to covering the costs and inconvenience involved in obtaining the sperm.

Tambre’s sperm bank uses the most advanced techniques and technology to process, handle and preserve sperm samples to the highest quality, ensuring that the best use is made of the donations provided.

Sperm donation in Spain is anonymous, which is why sperm banks are obliged to guarantee the absolute confidentiality of the donors’ identity data. Nevertheless, the recipients and their offspring have the right to obtain general information about the donors, which does not include their identity.

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We are pioneers in assisted reproduction in Spain and Europe.

45 years of medical excellence.

We design tailor-made treatments.

  • You will have your own gynaecologist and nurse, except for emergencies, and the same medical team will follow your case in depth and attend you from the beginning to the end of the treatment.
  • You will have a consultant from our Specialised Tambre Care team who will support you and answer any question you may have throughout the whole process.