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Infertility of unknown cause

Behind a diagnosis of infertility of unknown origin, where all the parameters appear to be correct, it is very possible that there is a multifactorial cause that we do not find with a basic fertility study.

At Tambre we extend these diagnostic studies with more advanced, multidisciplinary techniques that allow us to identify the causes of the couple’s infertility.

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What is infertility of unknown cause?

Infertility of unknown origin is a diagnosis given to couples when, after carrying out basic male and female fertility tests, and even several assisted reproduction treatments, no conclusive cause is identified as to what is preventing pregnancy.


It is estimated that 10% of the causes of infertility in a couple are unknown. 

The remaining 30% point to female causes, 30% to male causes and 30% to mixed causes.

Apparently, everything is normal:

✔ Normal menstrual cycles

✔ Basal hormone values in the normal range

✔ Anti-mullerian value greater than 1

✔ Correct sperm counts

✔ Tubal patency after hysterosalpingography

✔ Endometrium apparently normal on ultrasound examination.

How do we work in Tambre?

Behind every case of infertility, there is a cause

What can we do when it seems that all the values and tests are correct, but pregnancy does not occur? 

At Tambre we are convinced that all sterility has a cause, but we cannot always find it through a basic study. It is therefore essential to carry out more exhaustive diagnostic studies, using more advanced techniques and involving different specialists.

Moreover, it should be borne in mind that a diagnosis of infertility due to unknown causes does not mean that the couple will never be able to conceive a baby. The chances of pregnancy are similar to those of a couple who have identified the cause of their infertility. In fact, many couples with this eventual diagnosis are able to conceive through assisted reproduction methods or even naturally.

How to treat infertility of unknown origin

At Tambre we are experts in Advanced Reproductive Medicine and that is why, when infertility of unknown cause is diagnosed, we will carry out a series of more exhaustive and personalised diagnostic tests to find out what is preventing pregnancy.

  • We carry out all hormonal analyses aimed at checking the functionality of the ovaries (hormones, anti-mullerian, serology, etc.).
  • The use of the latest generation 3D and 4D ultrasound scanners allows us to visualise the ovaries and count the antral follicles and evaluate the morphology and appearance of the follicles.

Hysterosalpingography is a diagnostic test to check the morphology and patency of the fallopian tubes, which is essential for achieving pregnancy spontaneously or by artificial insemination. This test is preferably performed after menstrual bleeding and before ovulation.

  • We check and measure if the uterus has correct vascularisation and contractility. Both aspects are essential for embryo implantation.
  • In addition, we perform an anatomical study by means of diagnostic hysteroscopy before the embryo transfer to visualise, through a camera, the state of the endometrium.
  • We carry out a complete immunological assessment of our patients to rule out the causes of autoimmunity that prevent pregnancy.
  • We can also detect and treat other autoimmune diseases that can compromise pregnancy or cause repeated miscarriages, such as antiphospholipid syndrome, which can cause placental thrombi leading to pregnancy loss.

We carry out a detailed study of the ejaculate including: concentration, motility, morphology, DNA integrity test, membrane permeability, and various biochemical studies.


The dual role of In Vitro Fertilisation in cases of infertility of unknown cause

Depending on the results of the various studies, as well as the patient’s age, at Tambre we can use different treatments which we adapt and personalise (IVF, Artificial Insemination, ovodonation, etc.).

IVF can be used both to diagnose and treat infertility of unknown origin. 

This is because this treatment allows us to study the egg in our laboratory and find out its quality.  

In addition, we can find out if there is “incompatibility” between the egg and the sperm.

Finally, using IVF we can also study the embryo to check and select the best quality embryo.

Therefore, with IVF, not only can we achieve pregnancy, but it also allows us to identify causes of infertility that cannot be detected with current diagnostic tests.

We want to help you discover and solve the causes of your unknown infertility

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  • You will have your own gynaecologist and nurse, except for emergencies, and the same medical team will follow your case in depth and attend you from the beginning to the end of the treatment.
  • You will have a consultant from our Specialised Tambre Care team who will support you and answer any question you may have throughout the whole process.

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