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Reproductive genetics

Genetic diagnostic tests

At Tambre, our specialisation in complete studies of each case allows us to offer you personalised advice and treatments.

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Expert and personalised attention

Genetics is fundamental to the study of fertility. Our team assesses the risk of genetic disorders in offspring and offers advice to women or couples wishing to start a family.

At Tambre we have genetic diagnostic tests that offer you a complete genetic analysis and personalised counselling to help you understand the possible risks and make informed decisions.

Our highly qualified team works in partnership with patients to provide an expert approach to the evaluation and management of reproductive genetics, ensuring that every step of the way you are backed by the highest standards of quality and comprehensive care.

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The value of diagnosis

An accurate diagnosis will help us to focus on your treatment to shorten time, eliminate uncertainty and focus on what matters.

How do I know if I need genetic testing?

Genetic testing can be very useful in fertility treatment as it provides valuable information about reproductive health and the likelihood of success. However, not all genetic tests are necessary for everyone, and their usefulness will depend on each patient’s individual situation.

Each person is unique, and the approach to genetic testing must be personalised to maximise its usefulness in fertility treatment.

At Tambre we take into account medical history, family history and other clinical considerations

Types of genetic testing available:

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD/PGT)

A genetic study to detect chromosomal alterations in the embryo prior to transfer.
  • PGT-A, a genetic test for aneuploidy.
  • PGT-M, detects monogenic diseases
  • PGT-SR, a genetic test for structural alterations
Genetic compatibility test (GCT)
Assesses the likelihood of a couple carrying genes that could cause an inherited disease in their offspring

Immunological compatibility test. KIR and HLA-C genotyping

Especially in cases of implantation failure and repeated miscarriages we study the compatibility between the uterine KIR (killer immunoglobulin-like receptors) and the HLA-C molecules of the embryo.
ES-TIME: Endometrial receptivity test
This allows us to know the stage that the endometrium is at, to determine the moment of embryo transfer.

Comet Fertility™: Male infertility test (idiopathic)

Detecting DNA strand breaks in a semen sample

FISH: Semen quality test

We assess the genetic integrity of spermatozoa

Non-invasive prenatal testing: myPrenatal®

Assesses the genetic health of the foetus during pregnancy. We analyse free foetal DNA to detect the presence of chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus

Find out which tests you need

Our assisted reproduction specialists will support you in determining which genetic tests are most appropriate in your case.

45 years of medical excellence

45 years of medical excellence.
We design tailor-made treatments

  • You will have your own gynaecologist and nurse, except for emergencies, and the same medical team will follow your case in depth and attend you from the beginning to the end of the treatment. 
  • You will have a consultant from our Specialised Tambre Care team who will support you and answer any question you may have throughout the whole process.

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