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RI Witness™ sample identification

Reinforces protocols

Independent data verification

What is RI Witness™?

At Tambre we use RI Witness™, a security and identification system for biological samples that minimises the possibility of error in the laboratory.

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We use strict protocols to avoid possible human error.

Reinforcement of security protocols

Throughout our more than four decades dedicated to assisted reproduction, at Tambre we have always had very strict control protocols to prevent human error in the identification of biological samples, which can be critical in a delicate environment like a fertility laboratory.

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Fertility clinics must comply with the regulations and quality standards established by the health authorities. However, at Tambre we have reinforced these protocols with the RI Witness™ system, which provides us with total security by preventing errors in the handling or identification of each patient’s biological semen, oocyte and embryo samples.

What does the RI Witness™ sample identifier consist of?

Prior to the start of the process, our patients receive a card with their personal details which is always used to verify their identity before any sample is collected.

Each tube, plate or container used with samples is marked with electronic tags that are associated with the patient’s card and read by RFID. Using readers located at each stage of the treatment, we can verify the data independently. These readers are able to detect any alteration in the protocol used to identify the samples, and can even interrupt the process if necessary.


The system provides real-time tracking of samples as they move through different stages of the fertility process, from sample collection to fertilisation and embryo transfer.

If there are any discrepancies between samples and patient information, or if any anomalies are detected in the process, such as samples from different patients being in close proximity to each other, RI Witness™ issues automatic visual and audio alerts to notify laboratory staff and correct the problem immediately.

Tambre's commitment to safety

Clinica Tambre is a pioneer in the use of the RI Witness™ safety system that prevents any possibility of error in the laboratory. This radiofrequency system does not affect the stability of biological samples and does not involve any additional cost to your treatment.

RI Witness™ not only ensures sample security and traceability but also reflects Tambre's commitment to excellence in patient care and compliance with ethical and regulatory standards, providing both patients and medical staff with peace of mind.

Zero chance of errors

The RI Witness™ system reduces the possibility of error in the traceability of biological samples in the laboratory to zero.

Specialists in Advanced Reproductive Medicine

We are pioneers in assisted reproduction in Spain and Europe.

45 years of medical excellence.

We design tailor-made treatments.

  • RI Witness™ for the safety and traceability of gametes. 
  • GERI®: Embryo Incubator®.
  • Fenomatch, we find the right egg donor and/or sperm donor and match them with you.
  • Zymot-ICSI (Chip Fertile), selection of the best sperm before ICSI.
  • You will have your own gynaecologist and nurse, except for emergencies, and the same medical team will follow your case in depth and attend you from the beginning to the end of the treatment.
  • You will have a consultant from our Specialised Tambre Care team who will support you and answer any question you may have throughout the whole process.
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