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Fenomatch: Artificial intelligence to find the ideal donor

Selection of the best donor

Similarities of kinship

Would you like your child to look like you?

Fenomatch is an artificial intelligence system that we use at Tambre to select the egg and/or sperm donor who most closely resembles your facial features.

Do you want us to study your case?

In this way, we ensure that the donor chosen is as similar as possible in terms of facial similarity so that your child is more likely to look like you or your partner.

All about Fenomatch

Selection of most related donor

Less emotional concern

Choice by Artificial Intelligence

Software with more than 100 facial points

Will my child look like me?

Behind every IVF treatment that requires gamete donation, as well as going through a genetic mourning process, there is emotional concern on the part of the recipient patients: Will my child look like me?

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At Tambre, we know that finding the right donor is not just a question of immunological similarity; during the process, we also have to ensure maximum physical similarity with the recipient patients. 

The Spanish Assisted Reproduction Act establishes a series of requirements to be met by sperm and egg donor candidates. In addition to a minimum and maximum age and excellent quality of the oocyte or sperm, they must not have a family or personal history of chronic or serious illnesses that could affect the offspring or hereditary genetic diseases.

The Law also requires that the donor must be anonymous and that phenotypic characteristics such as race, weight, size, hair and eye colour must be respected.

At Tambre we go one step further in the search for the ideal donor. 

To this end, we use Fenomatch, a platform that helps our team choose the best possible donor by carrying out an improved selection process. In addition to the phenotypic requirements established by law, at Tambre we use artificial intelligence to search not only for donors with similar eye and hair colour, etc., but also for those who share the greatest facial resemblance to the patient.

What does Fenomatch facial matching consist of?

Fenomatch is a software that uses facial biometrics techniques to compare genetic similarities. It uses advanced Big Data algorithms that convert a facial image (a photograph) into a mathematical formula. It is currently the only tool specifically designed for fertility that allows facial matching to find the donor whose face shares the closest resemblance.

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The software studies more than 100 facial points and 12,000 distances between those facial points to determine the degree of resemblance between donors and recipient patients. 

Finally, the software sorts the results so that our medical team can choose the best option. However, remember that the medical team is responsible for establishing the most suitable option in each case, and always bearing in mind the most important aspect of the whole process: that you have a healthy baby.

Fenomatch, a new commitment from Tambre

The donor matching process facilitated by Fenomatch is now an integral part of Tambre’s verification protocol. This technique is in addition to the stringent physical, psychological and genetic testing that all donors must undergo. We believe that this systematic and comprehensive testing regime identifies the most appropriate donors who will help you achieve your dreams of parenthood with the peace of mind that your child will be much more likely to look like you or your partner.

Facial resemblance tool

Fenomatch helps you select the donor who shares the most facial resemblance to you or your partner.

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  • Fenomatch, we find the right egg donor and/or sperm donor and match them with you.
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