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Psychology Unit specialised in Assisted Reproduction

At the Tambre Clinic we have a Psychology Unit specialising in Assisted Reproduction.

In this unit we address:



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Sexology consultation

Within couple relationships, sexuality is a source of satisfaction that, if it is altered, could affect the bonding and development of the couple and even their reproductive abilities.

In many cases, the cause of sexual dysfunction (inability to perform sexual intercourse satisfactorily) may be organic or medical.

In others, psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, depression, etc. may be behind it.

For this reason, at Tambre we offer a multidisciplinary team, where gynaecologists, urologists, endocrinologists, psychologists and sexologists work together to solve any type of difficulty in sexual relations.

Couples therapy

In a couple’s relationship we may encounter various difficulties. Many of them are temporary, but if the problems become entrenched, distancing and situations of miscommunication may arise.

Our couples therapy is oriented to achieve different objectives:

Establish a good therapeutic relationship with the partner.

Individually evaluate the factors that cause and maintain the problems.

Agree on the objectives to be achieved during the treatments.

Design a treatment appropriate to the needs of the couple.

In short, the aim is that both partners learn to resolve and solve possible future conflicts without external help.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, certainly. When people are asked to have sex at a certain time, it is normal that what was a spontaneous and pleasurable exercise becomes a suffocating obligation. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to resort to some kind of psychological support to overcome it.

Unfortunately, yes. Both from the point of view of sexual relations and the stress they can generate. For this reason, it is important to maintain a good sense of collaboration between both partners, as well as good communication, in order to be able to seek help from each other when necessary. On the other hand, psychological support is also sometimes necessary in this case.

Yes, these are frequent feelings in these couples. Sometimes one of the partners feels responsible and blames himself or herself for it. Distress is often seen in women who, despite getting pregnant without difficulty, miscarry each time. The support of the other partner, as we have said, is fundamental.

Yes. Almost all specialists consider this assistance to be extremely valuable. Therefore, a psychologist is a necessary member of the team in reproduction centres.

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