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Patient Rights and Duties


  1. To always be treated with dignity, kindness and respect without discrimination of any kind (racial, religious, age, etc.).
  2. Confidentiality regarding the content of your personal data, your medical history and all the details of your treatment.
  3. The right to maximum privacy, as far as the structural conditions of the Centre permits.
  4. The right of free choice and information in a clear and comprehensible manner about treatments, diagnostic tests and surgical procedures involving risks, with prior written consent of the patient, except in the following cases:
    • When the intervention does not imply a risk for public health.
    • When the patient is not able to take decisions, in which case the right belongs to the patient’s family members or close relatives.
    • When the urgency does not allow delays due to the possibility of irreversible injuries or the risk of death.
  5. Receive information about their health in a comprehensible, adequate and truthful way, as well as the suggested medical actions, the risks and advantages of each one, the effects of not being treated and the diagnosis and prognosis of their pathology.
  6. Know the identity of the professionals who provide health care, responsible for providing all the information required, including questions or complaints about issues not strictly related to health.
  7. Receive information as to whether the prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures applied to them can be used as a function of a teaching or research project which, in any case, may entail additional danger to their health. Prior authorisation by the patient and acceptance by the Doctor and the Management of the Centre will be essential.
  8. To interrupt treatment at any time.
  9. The right to the written revocation of your treatment consent.
  10. To request a copy of all the information of your medical record, by written request through the Patient Care department, which must be requested by the patient or an authorized person accredited by the patient.
  11. To know the Centre’s regulations regarding the aspects that may affect it.
  12. To formulate any complaint through the complaint forms that are at your disposal./li>


  1. To provide true data on their health and physical condition, as well as to collaborate in the collection of this data.
  2. Provide all the documentation.
  3. To consult, previously, any change in the indicated medication.
  4. To sign the necessary consents for the proposed treatment, as well as the budget for it.
  5. Sign the voluntary discharge document in cases of non-acceptance of the treatment, as well as in those cases in which the patient expressly states his/her wish to leave the Centre against the opinion of the doctor responsible for his/her care. If the patient refuses to do so, the Centre Management may discharge the patient, at the proposal of the doctor in charge of the case.
  6. Respect the guidelines indicated by the health personnel during the entire treatment.
  7. To be informed of the economic cost of the treatment and tests.
  8. Consult the appropriate personnel with any medical or administrative questions.
  9. Collaborate as much as possible with the fulfilment of the Centre’s regulations, as long as it does not contradict your rights as a patient, as well as respecting the personnel who provide their services to the same and other patients.
  10. Collaborate with the proper maintenance of facilities.
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