Tambre Madrid

Tambre is Advanced Reproductive Medicine. The Madrid clinic with more than 45 years of experience is located in the El Viso neighborhood, a quiet residential area. It stands out for its individualised approach in assisted reproduction treatments and its use of state-of-the-art technology. Personalisation and the human touch are two of the pillars that support the institution, based on the use of the latest technology and research. Our Specialised Medical Units are focused on offering you a personalised diagnosis to focus your treatment and achieve your goal of pregnancy.

Fachada de Clínica Tambre Madrid

The latest in technology and installations

It offers modern, comfortable and well-equipped facilities that guarantee privacy, comfort and state-of-the-art technology for fertility treatments.

Clinica Tambre renovates its facilities

Tambre Madrid is a pioneer in reproductive medicine in Spain. It carries the history and experience that have crossed borders and this strength means that a large percentage of its patients come from countries all over the world. The second semen bank in the country, the first in Madrid, was founded here.


From the moment you enter, you will notice that we are different and that there is a deep sense of calm and tranquility. The exterior door leads you to a small garden with wooden benches and a central fountain. To facilitate access for people with reduced mobility or baby strollers, we have a ramp and elevators.

The reception is staffed by multilingual personnel. Next to them are five individual waiting rooms that offer privacy and comfort to our patients.

Consultation and operating room

Tambre has seven medical practices, each with its own inspiring name: Confidence, Serenity, Hope, Excitement, Illusion, Minerva and Athena. Each one is equipped with a gynaecological examination room, with state-of-the-art ultrasound scanners.

On the third floor is the operating room, fully equipped for fertility and outpatient surgery. Direct communication with the IVF laboratory guarantees the stability of embryo culture conditions. The clinic maintains high standards of quality, safety and sustainability.

Its nursing room is equipped to draw blood and perform necessary medical tests.


Tambre has three laboratories: andrology, in vitro fertilisation and cryobiology. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best conditions for treatment and analysis. The andrology laboratory performs sperm analysis and semen sample processing. The IVF laboratory has the most advanced equipment for carrying out the state-of-the-art assisted reproduction techniques that we develop at Tambre. The cryobiology laboratory is responsible for vitrification and thawing of eggs and embryos.

Individual rooms

Your comfort and privacy are important to us. We have six individual recovery rooms, each with a private bathroom.

Here, at Tambre, you will find the support and the ideal conditions to face your fertility treatment with peace of mind and security.

The Tambre Clinic facilities are designed to offer you maximum comfort and peace of mind from your first visit and throughout your fertility process. With modern, comfortable spaces equipped with the latest technology, every detail is designed to guarantee your privacy and well-being. From the relaxing environment to the personalised attention of our multilingual and highly specialised team , everything contributes to create an atmosphere of trust and serenity.