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GERI®: Embryo Incubator

Allows uninterrupted observation of embryonic development

Helps select the best embryos

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What is the GERI® embryo incubator?

The GERI embryo incubator with a time-lapse system allows uninterrupted observation of embryo development in a fully controlled environment.

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This technique increases the rate of embryos reaching blastocyst (+20%) and helps to select the best embryos for transfer, which improves IVF success rates.

Latest generation embryo incubator

Embryo culture under optimal conditions

State-of-the-art incubator

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The importance of embryo culture

Embryo culture is an extremely sensitive part of the in vitro fertilisation (IVF) process. It consists of obtaining embryos that are capable of implanting in the uterus and developing properly.

The importance of embryo culture lies in creating an optimal environment by reproducing conditions as close as possible to the uterus. This is why we must adapt the environmental conditions in the laboratory: equip them with carbon filters, positive air pressures, etc.

But if anything is crucial here, it is the quality of the embryo incubator.

Traditionally, embryologists observed embryos only once a day. To do this, they had to take them out of the incubator and put them under the microscope. The quality of the embryos was assessed based on the information from that single moment.

In recent years, however, incubators have been developed that allow the microenvironment in which the embryo develops to be left practically undisturbed. Such is the case with Time Lapse GERI®, a state-of-the-art embryo incubator.

The GERI® embryo incubator in Tambre

At Clinica Tambre we have a state-of-the-art GERI® incubator and a team of embryologists who have been trained and have experience using it. Our priority is the acquisition of technology that allows us to obtain the best results.

GERI® has revolutionised embryo culture systems thanks to innovative techniques:

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  • Microscope with high-resolution camera: GERI allows embryos to be monitored 24 hours a day. It has six cameras (one per compartment) that capture images of the embryos at five-minute intervals (time-lapse) and in eleven different focal planes. These create a film so that embryologists do not miss any details of the development. This eliminates the need to take the embryos out of the incubator for assessment.
  • Software to improve embryo selection: The GERI® incubator incorporates EEVA software, an embryo selection programme capable of predicting which embryos are most likely to generate a pregnancy. This tool is based on parameters that have an important predictive value such as age, cell number or morphokinetic parameters.
  • Separate compartments: Each patient’s embryos are kept in individual compartments. They remain inside the incubator for 5-6 days of culture. Each chamber has its own sensors that monitor the environment and incubation conditions in real-time. Some of the factors that can be monitored are: temperature, gas flow, CO2, light and humidity.

Advantages of the GERI® Embryo Incubator

Time-lapse incubators offer a number of significant advantages that improve the accuracy and success of IVF treatments:

They allow uninterrupted monitoring of embryo development over several days (5-6), providing a complete overview of the process.

The images captured allow specialists to more accurately identify the most viable embryos for transfer, increasing the chances of IVF success.

GERI provides detailed information on the rate of cell division, morphology and other aspects of embryo development, helping specialists make more informed decisions.

Minimises the need to remove embryos from the incubator to assess their progress, reducing the stress and risks associated with handling, such as changes in pH, osmolarity, temperature or light.

They maintain a 100% stable environment with optimal conditions of temperature, humidity and gases, which favours embryo development.

The captured images create a historical record of embryonic development, which can be useful for review and analysis, if necessary.

By minimising manipulation and maintaining a stable environment, it helps to ensure the safety and well-being of the embryos during their development.

20% more embryos can be transferred (embryos on day 5), reducing the time and total cost of treatment.

We apply the latest technology

At Tambre we apply the latest technology to optimise embryo selection and obtain the best possible results.

Specialists in Advanced Reproductive Medicine

We are pioneers in assisted reproduction in Spain and Europe.

45 years of medical excellence. We design tailor-made treatments.

  • RI Witness™ for the safety and traceability of gametes. 
  • GERI®: Embryo Incubator®.
  • Fenomatch, we find the right egg donor and/or sperm donor and match them with you.
  • Zymot-ICSI (Chip Fertile), selection of the best sperm before ICSI.
  • You will have your own gynaecologist and nurse, except for emergencies, and the same medical team will follow your case in depth and attend you from the beginning to the end of the treatment.
  • You will have a consultant from our Specialised Tambre Care team who will support you and answer any question you may have throughout the whole process.
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