Our facilicities

Tambre Group has one of the first reproductive medicine clinics in Spain. Our centre in Madrid is located in the neighborhood of El Viso, in a peaceful, quiet area with a calming environment. It covers two four-story townhouses integrated into a single centre.

The clinic is modern and comfortable. In 2018, a complete renovation of the facilities was carried out, creating a natural space where light and wood predominate. Here we combine modernity with more than 45 years of experience…

On the shores of the Mediterranean

Tambre’s second clinic opens in 2024 and is located in Alicante, the capital of the Costa Blanca. The clinic is also located in a wonderful setting, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, facing the sea and overlooking the city’s port.

The Panoramis business centre houses the new space specialising in Advanced Reproductive Medicine. Both clinics share the same philosophy. With the aim of providing patients with all the services and cutting-edge technologies required by reproductive medicine and a completely personalised and close treatment.

A warm and friendly atmosphere

Both clinics are equipped with the most modern technologies. Individual waiting rooms for maximum privacy. State-of-the-art consulting rooms, laboratories where every detail is taken care of to maintain the most optimal conditions, gamete bank, operating room, comfortable single rooms… And a warm and friendly atmosphere in a modern, multicultural environment where we speak your native language.

With you from the first moment

The first point of contact is the reception, where you will be attended with a smile by multilingual staff.

Light and joy flood both clinics. A pleasant atmosphere that you will also notice in the consultation with your specialist gynaecologist. All are spacious, bright and equipped with state-of-the-art technology for ultrasound examinations.


In order to offer you the best attention, in addition to professional experts in their areas, we have IVF and Andrology laboratories with the appropriate light, temperature and humidity conditions for these special spaces; a semen bank (the one in Madrid is the second in Spain and the first in Madrid) and operating rooms with the latest technological advances.