Patient expereince

Your Tambre experience begins the moment you start looking for us and start thinking about why we should be your clinic. We strive to make your experience unique, letting you free yourself from the uncertainty of looking for pregnancy. We are sure of this because we have been making it possible for more than 45 years.

Your personalized treatment

We can help you. We have the experience, the means, the technology and the professionals. And we will do our best to offer you the diagnosis that will lead you to your dream. We know it is not always easy, but we are motivated by challenges. The trust and privilege of having you choose us as your clinic compels us to strive to make your experience unique from start to finish. We personalise your treatment, and we want you to feel accompanied and free from worries.

Our values




The human touch

Technology and innovation

We accompany you every step of the way to achieve your pregnancy. We put ourselves in your shoes, because many of the people who make up the Tambre family have also been where you are.

We know it is not easy. That there are hard times and ups and downs. And in each of them we will be with you, explaining what happens in those moments and how we can help you.

From the first time you make contact, we accompany you in every step of your journey towards parenthood. We combine our individualised attention and medical experience with the human warmth of our team to make your dream come true. An experience where every moment is designed to guide you towards the realisation of your greatest desire.

We have designed a unique experience for you

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How we work

Your first contact is the welcome team, who greets you upon your arrival at the clinic and accompanies you to the individual waiting room to preserve your privacy as much as possible, if you wish. 

Customised treatment is part of Tambre’s unique experience. This also means understanding what you need and how we can help you at every stage of the process.

At Tambre we have specialised units. This means that, from the very first moment and depending on your diagnosis, we will assign you a team with a doctor who knows your case well at its head, along with your nurse and a patient care and medical follow-up person at your disposal. 

In addition, multidisciplinary medical committees are held to discuss the strategies implemented for each patient.

At your first visit, which lasts about an hour, you will meet your doctor, who will be concerned with the details of your medical history. He will also ask you about your family members and if you have previous medical tests, he will study them. 

In this first visit we can do an ultrasound and an analysis, if you wish. 

Your doctor will assess and make an initial diagnosis to propose the most appropriate treatment strategy to achieve your pregnancy. He will explain in detail what your treatment will consist of and the different phases of the treatment.

Often, because of nervousness or fear of asking questions, we get the feeling that patients might not have taken in all the information given to them in the consultation. You will not have to worry if there is anything that is not clear to you during this appointment, because your Personal Advisor will be in direct and constant contact with you, by phone, email or video call, to explain your treatment in detail and resolve any doubts that may arise.

Your treatment will usually be linked to taking a specific medication. You’ll be given precise indications on how to administer it, which is one of those indispensable aids on your journey. In addition, at least one month in advance, you will have the protocol of your treatment with the specific dates. Once you have the medication list, your Personal Advisor will make sure you know the steps to follow, with clearly laid-out dates and times of administration. And we will make sure that everything is clear to you.

Having everything under control and knowing that we take care of everything reduces your emotional stress. We customise your treatment. And we understand your needs at all times. If at any of the steps you need it, you can have the help of our expert infertility psychologist and we have experts in emotional support in different countries to give you the support you need.

Of course, we are by your side at all stages, supporting you and offering you the strategies to achieve the birth of your baby.

Our goal is always to help you, because each patient sits at the centre of our treatment. We will always try to understand your needs and to personalise the whole process.

Know what we can offer to help you every step of the way. Such as taking medication or consulting about your treatment…

We will teach you how to administer the medication prescribed by your clinical team. And we will facilitate communication if you need to contact your specialist to clarify doubts.

For us it is very important that you have a unique experience in key moments such as oocyte collection and embryo transfer. Therefore, your Personal Assistant will accompany you at all times.