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Urology Unit

The Urology Unit generally treats all pathologies related to the urinary system and adrenal glands, including all problems related to the area where the kidneys, ureters and adrenal glands are located (the retroperitoneum), both in women and men.

What else does the Urology Unit at Clinica Tambre treat?

Urology is also related to the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility problems, vasectomy reversal, nephrolithiasis, venereal diseases and oncological problems of the genitourinary system, penile, testicular and prostate pathology.

In this unit we are specialised in urological pathology of a benign nature, being very focused on the diagnosis and treatment of male genital tract problems.

Specifically, andrology refers to all those problems and interventions related to the male reproductive system.

Within andrology we find mainly male sexual disorders, especially problems related to erections and of course all those aspects that are related to male infertility. Likewise, another important aspect related to andrology would be all the techniques, both surgical and medical, focused on male contraception.

There are multiple causes that could be related to infertility.

  • Many of these causes are related to the environment where we usually work or live (e.g. solvents, medicines, high temperatures…).
  • Others may be related to infections in the male genital tract that could be asymptomatic and become chronic.
  • Inherited from family history. In these cases, karyotyping, which is the study of the male chromosomes, is essential.

For the diagnosis of a possible male factor, the most relevant information comes from the study of semen.

With a good semen analysis we can evaluate most of the pathologies related to male infertility.

With respect to spermatozoa, we have parameters related to their number, motility, morphology and function. The study of semen volume and biochemistry can also guide us to the location of a possible lesion and the origin of the pathology. Other tests such as the fragmentation test or the detection of chromosomal abnormalities in the spermatozoa provide information about possible damage to the genetic material (DNA) or alterations in spermatogenesis.

More information

The andrology consultation also includes a hormonal and genital assessment by ultrasound and a complete physical examination.

In those cases of azoospermia, when there is no spermatozoa found in the ejaculate, testicular biopsy is the technique of choice with which motile sperm can be found in the testicle and cryopreserved for use in an ICSI cycle.

The testicular biopsy is always accompanied by an anatomopathological study, which provides guidance on the cause of azoospermia, and offers a prognosis as to the chances of finding spermatozoa.

What service does the Urology Unit offer?

Annual prostate check-up. We recommend starting check-ups at the age of 40.
General urology: pathologies related to the male urinary system.

Dra. Natalia González

Head of the Reproductive Urology Unit

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