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Advantages of starting your assisted reproductive treatment in summer

Advantages of starting your assisted reproductive treatment in summer.

You take the step, and the Tambre team goes with you

This may be the summer of your life when you become a mum. And Spain may be your best option for your treatment. Did you know that starting assisted reproduction treatment in summer has advantages? It is a process that can be performed at any time of the year and summer offers a number of unique benefits that can facilitate and enhance the treatment experience. Factors such as a relaxed environment, free time and the health benefits of the sun all contribute to a more positive and effective approach to achieving your childbearing goals.

Advantages of starting your assisted reproductive treatment in summer. 

Reduced stress and increased relaxation

Summer is a time when many people take the opportunity to take a holiday or enjoy some time off. This period of reduced stress can be particularly beneficial for those who are undergoing or want to begin assisted reproduction treatments. Stress reduction has been associated with better IVF outcomes.

An improved emotional state

Warm weather and outdoor activities can improve mood and promote a positive attitude. In addition, summer is a time when we socialise more and enjoy activities in the company of friends and family. This social support and participation in recreational activities can improve emotional well-being, which is crucial for facing the challenges and uncertainties during IVF treatment in a more positive and optimistic way.


Increased time availability and flexibility

Another advantage of starting your IVF treatment in summer is, without a doubt, the availability of work schedules. Whether it’s because you may be on holiday or because your (and your partner’s) summer schedules are more flexible, this makes scheduling appointments and procedures easier, reducing the pressure and complications related to balancing work schedules and clinic visits. This way, you can concentrate on your treatment without worrying about work commitments.

Health benefits of summer

Summer offers more hours of sunlight, which increases sun exposure and, therefore, the production of vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D is essential for reproductive health and has been linked to improved egg quality and a higher IVF success rate.

In addition, warm weather encourages outdoor activities, which can improve overall physical health. Staying active and fit is also beneficial to reproductive health and may contribute to a better treatment outcome.

Access to healthier diets

In summer, we often feel like eating more fruits and salads. At this time of year we can benefit from fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables that are rich in essential nutrients. A balanced diet rich in antioxidants can improve reproductive health in both men and women, as it can improve the quality of eggs and sperm, increasing the chances of successful treatment.

In summer, we are still by your side

Tambre has been fulfilling dreams for more than 45 years. And this summer 2024 we want to make your dream of becoming a mother easier.

You may have the perception that, with the arrival of the summer holiday, most medical staff take a break, leaving reduced opportunities for diagnostic tests and check-ups. Moreover, some clinics close temporarily during this time. However, at Tambre we know that assisted reproduction cannot stop, and that each woman’s cycles follow a rhythm totally independent of the calendar.


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Wekeep our clinic located in Madrid open and operational with our team of highly qualified professionals at your disposal throughout the summer. We adapt our medical availability to ensure that, during this season, our patients receive the personalised and continuous care they need for their assisted reproduction treatments. All with the same level of excellence and care throughout the year, ensuring that you can move forward with your treatment without any interruptions, regardless of the time of year.

If you are considering starting assisted reproductive treatment in the summer, this could be the perfect time to take advantage of all these benefits and increase your chances of success. Request your first appointment now and resolve all your doubts.