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A new quality certificate for Clinica Tambre: GCR International Accreditation


Tambre always bets for collaborations that will lead to new international patients knowing us and having the assurance that everything will be alright when they travel to Spain to begin their fertility journey. Today in this blog post we will explain how our adventure with the Global Clinic Rating or GCR started.

What is GCR’s mission in the international health sector?

GCR is a platform that defends the quality and transparency of information regarding medical centers. Since its founding in 2014, the GCR project has ranked over 430,000 centers in 126 countries all over the world, which range from dental services to orthopedics. The fertility field is one of the most recent areas that have been incorporated into the organization.

Its web page supplies the user with a list of high-level healthcare providers whose services have exceeded patients’ expectations.

How does a health center rank among GCR?

The evaluation each clinic receives in GCR is due to two important factors. First, there are patients’ reviews and opinions, written based on their personal experiences. On the other hand, it is the Global Clinic Rating’s own professionals who travel to the center at issue to get to know it in-depth and verify its excellence.

In this way, the information they provide is given by a combination of data furnished by clinics, later analyzed and contrasted objectively, all the while keeping in mind the evaluations of those who have been treated there.

GCR and Clinica Tambre

In our case, we had the opportunity of receiving the GCR team last January 17th. Throughout their visit we were able to show them all our facilities, and the team had close and productive meetings with several members of Clinica Tambre’s personnel. GCR compiled all the necessary information on our professionals, treatments, patient care, technologies we use, techniques we carry out, as well as success rates.

GCR TambreFurthermore, they interviewed Tambre’s CEO, Inge Kormelink, who explained that a holistic human-based approach, personalized and multidisciplinary is what characterizes the clinic. In this way, we were awarded the GCR International Accreditation, a title that certifies, according to the organization, that Clinica Tambrehas officially proven to have a level of expertise, facilities, services & patient responses well above current international clinic standards.”

We greatly thank GCR for having travelled to Madrid and for all the dedication and effort they put in improving patients’ experiences whatever it is what they are looking for, wherever they may be.