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Egg Donation Friends visits Clínica Tambre to bring us the IVF AWARDS 2019

As we wrote on our blog a few weeks ago, the British Egg Donation Friends platform announced the winning assisted reproduction centers of the IVF CLINIC AWARDS 2019. Clínica Tambre was awarded with two of the eight prizes that were distributed: One for our Innovations and the other one for our Egg Donation Program as well as the certification of Treatment Transparency.

Yesterday, just one year after Egg Donation Friends and Clínica Tambre began their collaboration, the organisation wanted to travel to Madrid to visit us at our facilities. During this visit, Jakub Dejewski (CEO of EDF) and Aleksander Wiecki (Marketing Director) have hand-delivered the diplomas of the awards received last April.

Which relationship do Egg Donation Friends and Clínica Tambre have?

Egg Donation Friends is a digital platform founded by three friends who once had to deal with infertility themselves. During the process they realised how stressful it could be on certain occasions and above all how big the lack of information about fertility treatments still was. So they started collaborating with clinics and other specialists in the sector to gather all the information and data needed for those who wish to start a family.

The association has specialised in helping people who consider transnational reproduction as an alternative and therefore, need a little more guidance along the way. According to international patients, Clínica Tambre is considered one of the leading clinics in Spain due to their remarkable success rates.

What EDF and our clinic have in common is the importance we give to personalising the treatment of our patients. People who undergo fertility treatments deserve that their situation is studied in a unique way and to be given the information they require at all times. Our duty as professionals of assisted reproduction is to be transparent and advocate for quality.

How was the meeting at the clinic’s headquarters?

According to Inge Kormelink, CEO of Clínica Tambre, the meeting has been rewarding as well as productive. Egg Donation Friends values ​​the clinic’s more than 40 years of experience and its dedication to continuous development. Being pioneers in the sector and using the most cutting-edge technology, we are the winners of the category “Innovations”. In the same way, the excellence and quality of the egg donation treatments of Tambre have been taken into account. The certificate for the Best Egg Donation Program is one of the greatest motivations that a fertility clinic can receive and for us it is an honor to receive it from EDF. Several people from the clinic team, headed by Kormelink and Dr. Laura García de Miguel  (Medical Director of Tambre), have received these awards wand have spent a pleasant time with them.

The meeting has also led to strengthening the relationship between both entities and to discuss the next steps they will take together in the next months. “We are very happy that Egg Donation Friends has given us these recognitions. For our part, we are committed to maintaining our level of quality in egg donation treatments and keep improving using the most innovative techniques”, said Inge Kormelink.