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Clinica Tambre and its great success at the IVF CLINIC AWARDS 2019


The prestigious association Egg Donation Friends has revealed this week the winning clinics of its already recognized IVF CLINIC AWARDS 2019. These decorate reproduction centers which, with their inputs and treatments, have stood out somehow in the sector. Of the eight existing categories, Clínica Tambre has been worthy of two of the awards: Innovations, Egg Donation Program as well as the certificate for Treatment Transparency.

With the first distinction, the association has considered the more than 40 years of experience that support the clinic and its spirit of constant progress, in addition to the achievements. The use of cutting-edge technology and the quality of the service that Clínica Tambre provides to its patients making it a benchmark.

What makes Tambre different?

According to Egg Donation Friends, Clínica Tambre has an extremely advanced incubation equipment and stands out for its reliable technology for treating biological samples. Likewise, it is valued that the centre was the first in the Community of Madrid to use Fenomatch® technology, a software specialized in facial biometric recognition whose usefulness is to guarantee the similarity between an egg donor and the future mother.

Likewise, the excellence of our “Egg Donation Program” has been highlighted. The entity rewards that Tambre was the first Spanish clinic to have its own banks of egg and semen and, consequently, to promote the grouping of DNA samples rigorously according to their blood group and phenotypic characteristics.

When it came to assign the awards, granted to the best global-level assisted reproduction clinics, values have been considered with which we commune. Tambre is the only fertility centre in Madrid that has a Healthcare Ethics Committee, which promotes the ethical practice, empirical work and multidisciplinary decision-making. In this way, through professionalism and safe treatments, Tambre continues to maintain its notoriety.

It should be noted that Clínica Tambre has one of the lowest rates of multiple pregnancy in Spain, thanks to the protocol of implantation of a single embryo, which minimizes the risk to the patient and the baby. In addition, its overall success rates exceed the Spanish and European average.


Thank you!

We are very proud to have these certifications with us, as they motivate us to grow and improve our work day by day. Our aim is to help all those who want to have children and to intercede for those who want to do their bit by donating eggs or semen. Our mission is to support these people from the moment they enter our clinic for the first time until they finish their experience with us -and sometimes even later-.

Recognitions such as those granted by Egg Donation Friends are what motivate us as a pioneering assisted reproduction clinic to evolve and grow from a human, scientific and technological perspective.

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