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Fran & Andrea – A difficult situation has become a story with a Happy Ending

This young couple tells us about their hard journey to become parents.

Life does not always come along as we plan it to be. We build our life with those we love most, always looking for a future sense of fulfillment that in our mind seems easy to achieve but only a few find the simple path to their goals. Others, simply, have to wait a little longer and face harsh obstacles that appear in front of us, but, as Andrea says: “Sometimes it just takes a little longer than expected, but in the end you’ll get there.”

And they did!

Andrea and Fran are the protagonists of this beautiful but sad story with a happy ending. Despite their young age (23 years), they already had to face one of those situations, that you think will never happen to you. A lot of strength, a lot of mutual support, a lot of love and a lot of positivity is what has made this young couple overcome one of those nightmares that life throws at you.

At age 18, Andrea was diagnosed with leukemia. Her plans to finish her career at an early age, become a young mother and enjoy creating a family with Fran, were stopped by this unexpected illness. She had to undergo a chemotherapy treatment and a stem cell transplantation faster than expected. Her ignorance of this new and difficult situation prevented her from undergoing a fertility preservation treatment and freezing her eggs in order to later be able fulfill the dream of having a child with Fran. As she explains, “the doctor’s priority at that time was to cure me and I did not know that chemotherapy would make me sterile.”

Once they had overcome this horrible time of their lives, with all the recovery process that entails, their main objective was not to leave behind their dream of forming a family.

When you have gone through a situation like this, you learn to value and see life in a different way. The human warmth, the understanding, the respect for their situation and the affection they received on their first visit in Clínica Tambre, was definitely what made them choose our clinic to start their treatment and discard others in which the human approach was not that present. All this, together with all the clear explanations they received and the amenities provided by the team of doctors and nurses, was what made them say: “It is going to be here.”

In his case, the only option was an egg donation treatment, something that created a lot of doubts, which our experts did not hesitate to solve. Although at the beginning it seemed “shocking” to have a baby by this method due to the fact that it did not carry her genes. But Andrea decided to take advantage of the opportunity to be able to experience the pregnancy and give birth to the baby herself. When they received the news that their pregnancy test was more than positive, the happiness they experienced made them forget all the hard times they had gone through and all the doubts that had, so they could focus on the great gift that life was giving them.

Stories like this one show clearly that no matter how difficult the situation is, usually there is a solution for everything. They only had to accept the fact that for them the happy ending took a little longer to arrive. But despite everything, they have been able to fulfill their dream of becoming parents at a young age. As Fran says, the important thing is to support each other and being there for your partner and “when we started to realise what was happening, we were already holding our baby in our arms”.


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