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Kirstie and Chris, it’s wonderful to have you in Madrid!

A few days ago, we announced that some very special patients were going to be joining us for their fertility journey. Kirstie and Chris are a couple from Northern Ireland who, despite their youth, have already proven to be natural born fighters.

They met 7 years ago, and from the beginning they knew one thing for sure: they wanted to be parents as soon as possible. From the start they suspected they were going to have complications, they knew they would have to face challenges, so they decided to confront their future strongly.

Some time ago they met Andrew Coutts, our friend from Fertility Road and International Fertility Company, who has been a great support to them. Andrew is an inspiring figure who does everything in his power to help.

Kirstie and Chris’ timeline with assisted reproduction, unfortunately, does not begin here. The couple has already had to cope with two failed cycles of egg donation, as well as a successful cycle that ended in a miscarriage.

Tambre considers it remarkable and brave that people like Kirstie and Chris decide to continue trying to reach their goal with our support. We know it isn’t easy to resurface after facing so many adversities.

How did they prepare to begin this new stage?

Kirstie says that in these situations, overthinking is inevitable, as many emotions and changes are involved. “You don’t know what to expect”, says Chris, although thanks to Andrew they had an idea of how they were going to be treated at Tambre.

Before heading to Madrid, they felt nervous; arriving at a new clinic is exciting. Meeting a new doctor and a new team means repeating your story. It means reopening wounds and taking in new information. However, they were also excited because it marked the beginning of a new chapter.

When they arrived at Tambre, the first thing that caught their attention were the modern facilities and the state-of-the-art look and feel. They also adored the waiting area, which is divided into individual spaces. “It’s far nicer than being in a big room, it’s more personal,” says Chris.

Kirstie&Chris Tambre

Additionally, what delighted them was the closeness of Tambre’s team. Kirstie believes the entire staff is very friendly and appreciates that Saúl Mizrahi, their coordinator, is so approachable and warm. “It’s a nice atmosphere, you feel welcome, you don’t feel like awkward,” she says.

They have also been lucky being with Dr. Laura Garcia who is taking their case and shared with them an extensive first visit. Our patients have left the centre feeling very pleased because they have managed to resolve all their doubts and have already familiarised with the treatment plan they are going to follow. “We’re putting everything that we have in your hands”, recognises Kirstie.

What did they take away from this first visit?

Now that they have met us, they see things from a different perspective. Their biggest concern, which was the language barrier, faded as soon as they met our English-speaking team.

As for having to leave their country for treatment they say: “You know what? It’s actually easier than you think”. The couple explains that Madrid is accessible, and their hotel is lovely. They believe that communication with the clinic and in this case with Andrew, is crucial before traveling.

They also value the fact that there are tests that can be carried out here, which saves a lot of time. Kirstie says that she would highly recommend Tambre. “We feel comfortable in the clinic. We feel like an individual, it doesn’t feel like you are just doing your job. You make it feel like you’re there for us, to help us achieve our dream”