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A Beautiful Journey of Hope: Victoria’s Experience at Tambre

Victoria Tambre

Embarking on a fertility journey can be a daunting experience, filled with uncertainties and challenges. At Tambre we strive to help you overcome them, with the aim of achieving a happy ending. Victoria, our 41-year-old patient from London provides a perfect example. Today she shares her remarkable journey and the pivotal role we played in turning her dreams into a reality.


The Beginning of Victoria’s Story and her Decision to Look for a Potential Solution

Victoria’s journey began with a disheartening conversation at a local clinic and two failed rounds of IVF treatment. Determined not to accept defeat, she decided to explore alternative options and seek a second opinion. This led her to Spain and, ultimately, to our centre, Tambre.

Victoria undertook extensive research to identify the best fertility clinics in the world and Spain emerged as a prominent and favourable destination. Many of our patients repeat this, as the country is world renowned for its liberal legislation, the excellence of professionals and the quality of fertility treatments. Among all the options available, Tambre caught her attention. A swift email inquiry was the first step towards what would become a beautiful and exciting adventure.


How did Victoria Cope with Having to Undergo Treatment Abroad?

Traveling abroad for fertility treatment and having to carry out something of such importance in an unfamiliar location can sometimes evoke anxieties. However, Victoria said that our professionals made all those nerves disappear, accompanying her throughout her time at the clinic and offering her the emotional and practical support she needed.

The first time Victoria and her partner felt that warmth was when the Tambre Patient Care Unit assured her that transfer from the airport could be arranged. That was something they were concerned about and it was handled efficiently. Our patients found the entire process stress-free, emphasising the ease of the journey and the clinic’s proactive and empathetic approach.

Concerns about language differences are common as well when seeking treatment in a foreign country. However, Tambre’s commitment to patient-centred care involves a team of multilingual doctors and staff, so Victoria’s worries about communication were also addressed. “All the doctors there spoke impeccable English,” Victoria says.


What was Victoria’s First Impression of Tambre like?

Victoria’s first visit to Tambre left a very positive impression. The clinic’s emphasis on privacy resonated with her, particularly the individual waiting areas that shielded patients from shared spaces. This personal touch, extended to the egg retrieval process, where Victoria appreciated having her own room. Specifically, this ensured her peace of mind and confidentiality during what we think is an important and sensitive process.

Throughout her In Vitro Fertilisation treatment with us, our patient felt fully supported. The Tambre team were constantly available for queries, a fact highlighted by Victoria. In fact, she praised the clinic’s responsiveness, highlighting the quick resolution of any concerns.


Tambre: the home of tailor-made treatments

Our patient-centred philosophy and our commitment to a personalised approach to each case were evident in Victoria’s experience. Thorough testing and a detailed exploration of her medical history paved the way for a unique treatment plan. The clinic’s methods and our way to address her IVF process differed significantly from Victoria’s previous experiences, demonstrating a focus on individual needs and tailored reproductive solutions.

Our specialised and multidisciplinary units allow us to always advocate comprehensive testing and proper diagnoses, so Tambre experts are aware of all the reproductive options available to achieve pregnancy. Our team always believes strongly in informing and explaining any relevant aspect of the treatment to those who place their trust in us. Victoria appreciated the depth of knowledge displayed by their doctors, which fostered a sense of trust and assurance.


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And suddenly, Evie arrived!

The culmination of Victoria’s journey was the birth of her daughter, Evie, a moment she describes as a “dream come true.” Overcoming previous struggles and uncertainties, Victoria looks now at her new-born with joy and immense gratitude to us.

Reflecting on her experience, she encourages viewing the journey as an adventure, embracing the unknown with positivity. Victoria and her partner treated their visit to Spain not just as a medical endeavour, but as a memorable trip including a happy ending. We hope that Victoria’s journey with Tambre will help our future patients to trust the clinic’s dedication, our individualised treatment plans and the success of the processes we carry out.

As she holds Evie in her arms, Victoria’s story becomes a beacon of hope for those navigating the challenging path to parenthood. Tambre’s role echoes the sentiment that, with the right support and expertise, the journey to parenthood can indeed be wonderful. “We couldn’t have asked for more from Tambre,” Victoria states.