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What is the first assisted reproduction consultation like in Tambre?

Primera consulta reproducción asistida_Tambre

At Tambre we know that going to a first assisted reproduction consultation is not something simple. Although it is an informative visit, it can also be an emotional one, due to high expectations, as well as potential anxiety and uncertainty. Everything counts and everything is important. For this reason, the entire Tambre team strives to make your first visit as pleasant as possible and to ensure you know what to expect from your treatment.


Comprehensive care from the first contact

Whether this is your first contact with an assisted reproduction clinic or whether you have undergone treatments in the past Tambre offers you comprehensive attention and maximum care.

From your first telephone or email contact, we assign you to your own advisor who will answer any questions you may have and organise your first assisted reproduction consultation. For those residing abroad or not able to speak Spanish, we have native or bilingual advisors who are fluent in English, German, Dutch, French and Italian, to aid the communication process.

Your advisor will be alongside you during this initial onboarding and you can contact them whenever you need to.


What is the first assisted reproduction consultation like in Tambre?

If you choose to visit the Tambre clinic in Madrid you will meet your Gynaecology team who will accompany you throughout the process.

On that first visit your Gynaecologist will take a general history of you and your partner, if applicable. The purpose is to know all the data of interest that is related to fertility. To do this, your Gynaecologist will ask you about your lifestyle and general health, as well as family history, problems or details of your menstrual cycle, medication, previous surgeries, illnesses, etc. They will also ask about any previous assisted reproduction treatments, in order to consider the cause of these failures and suggest an alternative approach.

In this first assisted reproduction consultation for patients living in Spain we will also perform:

  • A vaginal ultrasound to know the morphological and functional status of the uterus, tubes and ovaries.
  • Blood analysis to determine the ovarian activity of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH)
  • Seminogram to know the quality of the semen. This analysis is performed in our own andrological laboratory.

The initial fertility test protocol also includes a second interview that can be in person or online. This is when your Gynaecologist will provide you with the results of the tests carried out in order to define the diagnosis and prescribe the treatment protocol that, in most cases, can begin with the next menstrual cycle.

However, in certain cases, it may be necessary to complete the diagnosis once more advanced tests such as an hysterosalpingography, hormonal analysis (FSH, LH, estradiol, progesterone, etc.), endometrial biopsy, advanced semen tests for men, immunological tests, etc are carried out.

All these tests are performed inhouse including our pioneering andrology laboratory and our own Reproductive Immunology Unit.


Your first visit from abroad

If you live outside Spain, the first assisted reproduction consultation can be online. Your advisor will be the one who contacts you to resolve administrative issues and obtain consents. Next, it will be your Gynaecologist, who will speak to you in your own language and gain an appreciation for your fertility health and history. This consultation usually takes one hour.

If the consultation is virtual any required tests may be undertaken close to your own home or you can choose to visit the clinic for tests, view the facilities and meet the staff at Tambre.

However, we always recommend that our patients travel to Madrid to have their first assisted reproduction consultation, so that they can meet us in person and expedite the tests and the start of treatment. If you choose this option, we will organize the visit to carry out the different tests, and meet with the Gynaecologist to fit with your schedule. We will share a number of dates with you and attempt to book the visit in on a Friday or Monday so that you may enjoy the city of Madrid on w weekend stay.

After this initial communication or visit a second online interview with the doctor will be arranged to review the results of the tests and discuss appropriate treatment.


Why choose Tambre

Feeling that your views and questions are being addressed sufficiently and being accompanied throughout your treatments are key in ensuring your experience is a good one. This why Tambre offers the support of an advisor from its Specialized Guidance Unit who will accompany you and answer your queries in your native language throughout the entire process, in addition to your Gynaecologist and nurse who will aim to be a constant presence.

This personalized attention together with 45 years of experience and access to the most up-to-date facilities and technologies available, such as the latest generation time-lapse embryo incubator, ensures Tambre offers some of the highest treatment success rates in Europe.

If you have questions about what your first assisted reproduction consultation will be like or want more information about the treatments we offer at Tambre, contact us, and request your first appointment at +44 (0) 20 38 688 650. We invite you to learn more about our clinic, our team, and the technology and facilities we have. This first visit will give you an idea of ​​the attention, professionalism and care that you will receive on your path to motherhood.