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Sunita and her great journey!

Sunita is one of the many women who come to Clínica Tambre every year after making the decision to become a single mother. Sunita always knew she wanted children and has been searching for the right place to fulfil her dream.

Her friends have always encouraged her to take the step and told her: ”You really are a mother; you have so much to give”. “Why don’t you just go for it?

How did her journey to motherhood started?

Sunita tried her luck in the Netherlands through various sperm donation treatments which unfortunately did not lead to pregnancy. She learned about egg donation and heard first-hand stories from people around her who had gone through the process. She thought this was the right option for her that would give her the baby she wanted so badly.

After her disappointing experience in the Netherlands, she decided to give it all and started to look for assisted reproduction treatments abroad. Sunita explains that she had a bad experience with a clinic in Greece, because the team there was distant and kept her poorly informed.

Her search continued and thanks to the internet she ended up finding Tambre. Our Dutch patient explained that she already felt good during the first phone call she had with us and thought: ”This is it, let’s go for it”. She appreciated that she could ask all her questions, no matter how many she had. That’s why she chose Tambre. She also says that the contact with the team was very warm and welcoming, and that was important to her.

What is it like to travel to Spain for treatment?

As we always mention on our blog, it is a big step for many people to undergo assisted reproductive treatment abroad. At Tambre, however, we work very hard every day to ensure our patients of the best possible experience. Our multilingual team will guide you, in your mother tongue, throughout the whole process. We are always here to support you.

Sunita recalls that at first she thought that Spain would be too far away, but as soon as she got on the plane and realized that it was only a two-hour flight, she was reassured.

Is Spain safe despite COVID-19?

Many people have contacted our patient care team with concerns about the current situation in Spain as a result of COVID-19. Sunita also confessed that she was afraid of coming, but as soon as she saw Madrid and our clinic, that fear quickly faded away. She says she felt very safe at the clinic. She underlines our Coronavirus prevention protocol, our individual waiting rooms and that everyone in Spain wears a face mask at all times.

The way the news was painting the current situation in Spain scared her, but she really wants people to know that this doesn’t reflect reality. She actually advises women not to put their dream on hold.

Sunita has nothing but praising words for doctors Marbán, García de Miguel and Zermiani, and for Babs, her patient care coordinator. She explains that she is very grateful that the same questions were answered over and over again, that all doubts were resolved and that the doctor gave her positivity and hope every time she felt negative. Babs helped her deal with her frustrations and always treated her kindly. “And that they didn’t judge me for things like: It’s Sunita again calling or e-mailing with so many questions!” she recalls.

Sunita has a message for everyone!

Sunita visited our clinic a few weeks ago for her embryo transfer. We are thankful we were able to help her and hope to receive good news soon. We are also very grateful for all her loving words.

She wants to encourage all single women and couples that really want to start a family, to go for it without any hesitation. “And if you really want to feel comfortable, and if you really want to be heard, choose Tambre,” she ends.