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Real story: Our Most Travelled Patient and her Latest Destination, Tambre!

Nicola y la dra médica de Tambre Laura García de Miguel

When Nicola was 38 years-old she was encouraged to begin a remarkable ten-year fertility journey. A path that unfolded with its share of challenges and triumphs, ultimately leading her to our doors. She finally got to be a mom at 48Her story is not only a testament to resilience and courage. But also a celebration of the professionalism and compassion exhibited by the team at Tambre Fertility Clinic. Read on to find out more!

Nicola, our Most Travelled Patient and her Latest Destination.

How did the Existence of Tambre Come to Nicola’s Attention?

The first encounter with Tambre Fertility Clinic occurred at the Fertility Show in 2019, where Dr. Laura García’s expertise and the clinic’s technical prowess left an indelible impression on Nicola. Our professionalism, coupled with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, convinced her that Tambre was the right place to entrust her desire to have a baby. “I went and sat down and talked to her afterwards at the show and she had a really lovely, glossy brochure with it really clearly set out. I remember it vividly. I’ve still got it actually,” Nicola explains.

Nicola’s odyssey began in 2010, a time when the prospect of starting a family seemed like an elusive dream. Early attempts at IVF proved to be emotionally and physically taxing, underscoring the importance of holistic preparation of mind, body, and spirit—a lesson she would learn throughout her journey.



Undeterred by setbacks, our patient explored fertility cycles overseas, determined to know every avenue in her quest for motherhood. Amidst health challenges -produced by how much Nicola has travelled during her life, she recognised the need to prioritise her well-being before further pursuing fertility treatments. This revelation marked a turning point, prompting her to seek comprehensive care and guidance.


The Highlights of Tambre, according to Nicola


Communication, a vital aspect of any fertility journey, stood out as a highlight for Nicola. From the initial meeting at the Fertility Show to the subsequent visit to Madrid, the seamless conversations and positive experiences reinforced her decision. “You can sometimes feel you’re a statistic in a very big journey and I wasn’t made to feel a statistic at any point. It was lovely,” she says.

The architecture of the building in Madrid, the courteous and welcoming staff, and the overall atmosphere contributed to a serene and reassuring environment for individuals navigating the complexities of fertility treatment. However, Nicola’s positive experiences extended beyond the clinic’s walls.


Equipo bienvenida Tambre Reception


Even the geographical challenge of residing in the Middle East during the conception phase did not hinder the smooth communication between Nicola and the clinic. Tambre’s responsiveness and adaptability ensured a continuous and positive journey, even after Nicola became pregnant. “We had huge expectations and I think they were met. I think it was a really lovely experience from start to finish,” Nicola acknowledges.


Comforting advice for parents-to-be

As Nicola reflects on her journey, she emphasises the importance of being in the right mindset for fertility treatment. Tambre’s professionalism and technical capabilities, combined with Nicola’s readiness, resulted in a successful first attempt at pregnancy. Today, she joyously shares the title of a happy and lucky mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old.

Nicola’s story stands as a proof to the transformative power of hope, coupled with the professional excellence embodied by Tambre Fertility Clinic. Her journey underscores the significance of comprehensive care, emotional support, and a positive mindset in the pursuit of creating a family.

Her advice to parents-to-be contemplating a similar path is rooted in readiness—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She encourages prospective parents not to fear the prospect of traveling overseas.

“Madrid’s beautiful, the clinic’s beautiful, the people are beautiful”, Nicola concludes.