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Spain, the safest and most efficient country for fertility treatment

Laboratorio de Embriología en Clínica Tambre

On the complex and exciting path to motherhood, every step counts. For patients like Katharina Pasternok, a resident of Germany, the search for pregnancy was an odyssey full of challenges and disappointments. She started trying to conceive at the age of 32, and assumed she wouldn’t have problems. She then began a journey which was characterized by failure at clinics in Germany and the Czech Republic over a period of eight years. However, Spain has been a beacon of hope and excellence in reproductive medicine, surpassing other destinations in terms of safety, efficacy and quality of care. 


Katharina’s Fertility Journey 

Katharina’s case is telling. After facing multiple failures in in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatments in her home country and an oocyte donation treatment in the Czech Republic, she finally found success at the Clinica Tambre in Madrid. Ovodonation treatment led her to pregnancy after years of struggle and exhaustion. This story, although personal, reflects a common pattern among international patients seeking effective solutions to infertility.

Katharina’s was a difficult case, confirmed by her doctor, Jana Bechthold, a fertility specialist at Tambre. At the clinic she was diagnosed with a low ovarian reserve (a reduced quantity and quality of eggs in the ovaries). Given her history of previous miscarriages, the gynecologist recommended that she undergo immunological tests to determine the state of her endometrium, procedures that are undertaken to help patients with unknown infertility or those who have suffered embryo implantation failure. An exhaustive endometrial analysis provided an accurate diagnosis that made it possible to achieve her dream thanks to egg donation treatment. She is currently four months pregnant.

It is precisely why in vitro fertilisation treatment with donated eggs is one of the most requested by international patients. In Spain the donation is anonymous, and the process is rigorous, ethical and safe. There is a national registry in charge of controlling the donations and the studies carried out on the donors, guaranteeing confidentiality and security.

In the search for reproductive medicine treatments, patients around the world are faced with the critical decision of where to receive the best medical care. Spain stands out as a leader in this field, surpassing currently very popular countries such as Cyprus, Czech Republic and Portugal, for reasons ranging from quality of care, safety to efficiency of procedures.

“We are absolutely precise and rigorous, there is a very important investment in technology, our doctors are in continuous training and we are known for our personalised and humane treatment”, stresses Tanbre’s CEO, Inge Kormelink, one of the first Spanish fertility clinics, with more than 45 years of experience.

Inge Kormelink, CEO of Clinica Tambre

Inge Kormelink, CEO of Clinica Tambre


Cutting-edge technology and outstanding results

Spain stands out for its advanced infrastructure and adoption of state-of-the-art technology in reproductive medicine. This investment in high-precision equipment and diagnostics allows for personalised treatments and a higher success rate compared to other countries. Medical excellence is complemented by personalised care, where each patient receives a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs.

GERI Time-Lapse Incubator

GERI Time-Lapse Incubator


Security and ethics at the Forefront

Beyond technology, Spain stands out for its rigorous legal and ethical framework in reproductive medicine. This guarantees safe and responsible practices, protecting both patients and professionals from possible risks or malpractice. In a field as sensitive as fertility, safety and transparency are essential for trust and successful treatment.


Cost-effectiveness without compromising quality

Spain is the best country for fertility treatments. While the cost of treatment can be a determining factor, Spain offers a unique combination of cost-effectiveness and quality. Unlike countries where treatments are cheaper, but quality can be questionable, Spain balances competitive prices with high standards of medical care. This translates into savings not only financially, but also in time and emotional well-being for patients.


Protection against negligence

A growing concern in reproductive medicine is the possibility of negligence or errors in the treatment process. Spain, thanks to its system of control and regulation, significantly minimizes these risks. From accurate handling of biological samples to clear and effective communication with patients, fertility clinics in Spain prioritise safety and integrity every step of the way.


An informed and successful decision

When considering fertility treatment, the choice of destination is crucial. Spain stands out as the undisputed leader in this field, offering safety, cutting-edge technology, medical excellence and unparalleled cost-effectiveness. For patients like Katharina and many others, this country becomes the place where dreams of parenthood are realized with confidence and success, turning Spain into the best country for fertility treatments.