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Clinica Tambre in the 34th National Congress of the Spanish Fertility Society

Tambre participa en el congreso SEF 2024

A representative of Clinica Tambre’s medical and scientific team is taking part in the 34th Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) Congress to be held in A Coruña from the 23rd to the 25th of May. This biennial event, now in its 34th year, brings together the leading national experts in the field of human reproduction and fertility.

Our aim is to provide the best treatments and techniques to our patients, minimising time and in the most efficient way. Tambre is therefore attending this exchange of knowledge on fertility and reproductive medicine, where it will present 5 scientific studies on different areas of interest at this Congress of the Spanish Fertility Society.

Doctors Paloma Sánchez-Gómez and Estefanía Moreno from the medical team; embryologists Carmen Rodríguez and Marta Manzanares from the IVF laboratory; and Tambre’s scientific advisor, José Horcajadas are the 5 representatives from the Madrid clinic that will be attending.

Participation in this congress represents Clinica Tambre’s commitment to our patients, which reflects the high quality of care offered.

Tambre Foundation puts science at the service of patients. The Foundation has developed these 5 research projects, all of which share the common goal of developing studies that can help to improve treatments and the quality of each patient’s experience.

This research aims to improve the way we approach treatments and protocols in the consulting room, with the aim of optimising them, reducing the time and even the administration of drugs whenever possible, in order to improve the wellbeing of each patient and reduce the emotional burden that this entails.

The Foundation is strongly committed to scientific research and is actively collaborating with companies and foundations for the creation of innovative projects on an ongoing basis.

Accepted studies are:

1. Preconception outcomes and analyses in donors and patients

M. Ruano, C. Tran, I. Trujillo, J.A. Horcajadas, Á. Llaneza 


2. Use of corifollitropin alpha (Elonva) in oocyte donors. Safety and efficacy by reducing the number of visits

Á. Llaneza, L. Serrano, E. Montoro, J.A. Horcajadas 


3. Social vitrification of oocytes. Tambre clinic experience between 2017-2022.

Á. Llaneza, A. Bullido, L. García, E. Marbán, S. Cortés, J.A. Horcajadas  


4. Efficacy and safety of the double trigger in donors: usefulness of basal LH

P. Sánchez-Gómez, L. García, Á. Llaneza, J. A. Horcajadas 


5. Influence of the microfluidic sperm selection technique (Zymot) on the rate of euploidy

S. Cortés, M. Arasa M, C. Andrés, C. Cordero, C. Rodríguez-Roque, Á. Almoyna, H. Navarro, J.A. Horcajadas