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Spain – Fertility destination 2021

We are pleased to announce Clinica Tambre’s participation in a new campaign celebrating Spain’s contribution to the development of IVF and its place as Europe’s top destination for anyone seeking IVF treatment. Would you like all that our country has to offer in terms of fertility treatments? Thanks to Fertility Clinics Abroad’s initiative, ‘Spain- Fertility Destination 2021‘, you will find out!

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic Spain welcomed millions of tourists each month. With its stunning landscapes, culture and unique way of living, it is understandable why so many people flock to our beautiful Mediterranean country. Spain is not only a holiday destination however; it is an established destination for those seeking treatments for all kinds of medical needs including IVF.


What makes Spain unique in assisted reproduction treatments?

A safe and reliable healthcare system, the availability of a diverse range of treatment options and donors, access to the most advanced scientific tools and assessments wrapped around liberal and patient-friendly IVF legislation have made Spain, Europe’s number one destination for the fertility traveler.

Well regulated fertility laws mean that any woman over 18 can access fertility treatment regardless of their marital status and sexual orientation. Egg donation (as well as sperm and embryo donation) is allowed and is strictly anonymous ensuring both donor and recipients know very little about each other. The exception being a method commonly employed in Spain known as ROPA (Reception of Oocytes from Partner). This treatment, legally recognised here in Spain in 2007 is offered to female same-sex couples. ROPA (or ‘shared motherhood’) enables both partners to be actively involved in the conception process: one woman provides the oocytes, the other one receives embryos and carries the pregnancy. The wide-ranging availability of the ROPA method in Spain has enabled thousands of same sex couples to have families where this opportunity was previously denied.

Aside from the treatment options available, Spain offers patients access to the most advanced facilities and resources that science and medicine can offer. Experienced, well-trained specialists in reproductive medicine are supported by a state infrastructure of legislation and regulation provided by the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society), which ensures clinic transparency, professional integrity and patient safety.


FCA and Tambre: always united to make all our patients happy

There are many reasons therefore why Spain has become such an important destination for the international patient. Clinica Tambre has been providing care and support for these patients for over 40 years and is pleased to partner with the campaign, Spain – Fertility Destination 2021. In the upcoming months, we will be pleased to show how we have contributed to the development of fertility treatment provision in Spain and reproductive research internationally. We will provide an opportunity for you to meet some of the country’s leading fertility professionals employed in our clinic and are excited to participate in a campaign which shows how Spain has contributed to the worldwide development of IVF based treatments.