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Joyce Harper becomes the new Executive Scientific Board Advisor of Clínica Tambre

Since it was first opened in 1978 Clínica Tambre has invested heavily in dynamic research and emerging technologies. Its core philosophy encourages matching the best science can offer with the best team capable of delivering the most effective service to its patients. The latest appointment at the clinic, that of Joyce Harper, eminent Professor and Head of Reproductive Science at the Institute for Women’s Health, University College London is proof of this ongoing commitment.

Professor Harper joins the team as the Executive Scientific Board Advisor and brings with her over 30 years experience in the fields of fertility, genetics, reproductive health and women’s health. In addition, she is Principal Investigator of the Reproductive Science Group; Director of the Embryology and PGD Academy, Founder of Global Women Connected and Co-Founder of the Fertility Education Initiative.

The appointment marks the latest in a number of advances at the clinic designed to consolidate its position as one of the emerging leaders of European fertility treatment provision. Harper’s vast experience in the field will ensure and maintain the ethical and scientific rigour which has come to characterise the clinic over the past 40 years.

Since her appointment less than a year ago the clinic’s CEO Inge Kormelink has led a revolution of evolvement which has included the strengthening of the clinic’s involvement in its domestic market and the creation of a bespoke, multi-lingual team who have rapidly become an integral part of the international fertility market, drawing patients from across Europe and beyond.

Carolina Andrés, Dra. Susana Cortés, Inge Kormelink, Joyce Harper and Andrea Rodrigo

Carolina Andrés, Dra. Susana Cortés, Inge Kormelink, Joyce Harper and Andrea Rodrigo

For Kormelink, Professor Harper’s appointment demonstrates the clinic’s commitment to the highest quality of care and support for its patients. “Tambre is recognised internationally as a centre of excellence for investigations into the causes of infertility; alongside our use of the latest scientific technologies which promote safety rules and guidelines in the laboratory (RI-Witness® management system) and those which record and monitor embryo development (Geri© Time-lapse Incubator) Joyce will ensure we remain committed to ethical practice which is supported by proved, scientific research.

We remain the only fertility clinic in Madrid which has a formal, Healthcare Ethics Committee and this has enabled us to consistently achieve high success rates whilst adhering to the most strict ethical practice; something I think which makes us unique in our field. We welcome Professor Harper to our team and look forward to her helping to shape our practice as we grow and develop.

For those interested in Joyce Harper’s explanations, we want to remind you that she has already collaborated with Tambre through her input on PGT and donor selection.