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German television is filming a documentary about fertility treatments abroad at Clínica Tambre

The prestigious German television WDR came to our fertility clinic in Spain to accompany a couple on their way to parenthood.

Yesterday, we were honored to welcome the WDR at our facilities here at Tambre in Madrid. The documentary is supposed to accompany a German couple with the unfulfilled dream of conceiving a healthy baby.

This couple is Hilda (39) and Erik (40). Hilda is unfortunately suffering from a premature menopause. She was diagnosed at the age of 30. For her, that means that she needs an egg donation treatment to be able to get pregnant – probably the last and only chance for her to become a mother. However, since this procedure is not allowed in Germany, the couple is forced to go abroad to fulfill their goal of forming a family.

Why is this treatment prohibited in Germany?

In Germany, the so-called ‘law for Embryo Protection’ regulates the ART treatments that are carried out in specialised fertility centers. But critics claim that the law from 1990 has long been outdated and that a law reform is needed. Germany is one of the only countries in Europe where egg donation is still prohibited. This means that Hilda and Erik cannot undergo this treatment in their home country.

But they are not alone with this!

Every year thousands of German couples travel abroad to undergo a fertility treatment. Spain is the number one destination for these kind of procedures in Europe.

Pioneer clinic Tambre

One of the main Spanish references in this field is Fertility Clinic Tambre in Madrid. We welcome couples from all over Europe with a similar fate as Hilda’s and Erik’s daily at our clinic. Most of them come to us with last hope after not being able to find any help or solution to their fertility problem in their home country for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, we can help most of them to give birth to a healthy child. Our success rates are well above Spanish and European average. This is partly due to the many years of experience of our fertility experts, who have been practicing reproductive medicine for more than 40 years. Furthermore, we count on cutting-edge technologies for these procedures. Research and innovation has always been a priority to us at Tambre. As well as the personal and warm patient care that we offer to all our patients in their native language. That means that you will be informed about all details and facts of the treatment by health care professionals in your mother tongue to avoid any language barriers.

Stop taboos in Germany

The WDR documentary tells the full story of Hilda and Erik from the beginning of their journey, hopefully showing a positive pregnancy test until the birth of the baby. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of prejudices and lack of information and understanding against infertility in Germany, although so many people are affected by it. The goal of this documentary is to change this and break the taboos in the German society about fertility treatments. We hope that our participation will help to encourage other couples and show that they are not alone in this and that everyone has the right to become parents. The broadcast of the documentary is scheduled for May 2020.

If you have difficulties getting pregnant too, please contact us and let our fertility specialists help you.