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Julia- our Dutch patient who did not throw in the towel, and is now happily pregnant


How everything began

“Hello, I’m Julia from Holland. I’m 45 years old and right now, I’m single.” Julia made initial contact with Clinica Tambre, and began her journey to motherhood. Julia has now achieved her dream, but this was a hard journey for her, with previous failed attempts at achieving pregnancy. 

The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium are some of the most popular destinations for prospective clients to come from for assisted reproduction treatment, who have had previous failures. She, like so many women in her position wanting to achieve a successful pregnancy. Having a baby was her dream, and she did not want to throw the towel in, but have one last attempt with us.

As you know, Clinica Tambre collaborates with the Dutch Foundation Wishing a Wonder, which fulfils the goal of helping women experiencing difficulty in achieving a pregnancy. Julia attending our patient meeting in Utrecht, where she met our family of patient coordinators and fertility doctors. Upon the advice of foundation director Patricia Klasseen, Julia decided to have a final attempt at motherhood in the hands of Clínica Tambre.

After conversations over the phone and email, we invited Julia to the clinic in Madrid. She was able to see the clinic with her own eyes, walk through its corridors, see our facilities, meet the medical team who will be looking after her and the embryology team who will be looking after her embryos. With this sense of security and reassurance, Julia was able to start this new chapter of her fertility journey with confidence.

Experience in Tambre Clinic

Dr Blanca Paraiso studied Julia’s case extensively, to propose the most suited treatment plan for her. This was egg donation, given her age and past fertility history, as this would give her the highest chance of success.

Julia and Dr. Paraíso“What I’ve noticed, compared to other clinics I’ve been to, is that Tambre extensively examined my entire history in a very professional way”. This is a reflection of our approach; total transparency and reliability. Benefits and complications are explained in a jargon-free and sensitive manner. We can perform examinations further than those you may have done at previous clinics, to deepen our understanding of your case. A tailored treatment plan can only be made based on gathering accurate and complete medical and fertility history, which is one of the things we do best at Tambre.

Julia reports that her experience at Tambre has been very positive. “At Tambre, they listen to me and take me seriously. I feel like a person, like a queen even! I advise anyone thinking of giving up on motherhood after previous failures, to not throw in the towel- there are options out there!”

Finally, Julia is happily pregnant

We are very happy to say that in recent days, we have confirmed Julia is pregnancy and she has listened to the heartbeat of her baby on ultrasound for the first time.

On behalf of the whole team at Tambre, we would like to thank Julia for trusting in us and having shared her story, which will be an inspiration to other future parents. We wish Julia a lifetime of happiness.