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Tambre Fertility Clinic welcomes EggDonationFriends


Tambre Fertility Clinic and the british fertility platform EggDonationFriends have recently come together at the headquarters of the Spanish clinic. The reason for this meeting was to define a more solid and innovative strategy for visibility and content that allows us to publish our high success rates in fertility treatments, our excellent egg donation programs throughout Europe and our tailor-made treatment solutions. Furthermore, at Tambre Fertility Clinic we want to offer international patients the best services and guaranteed success in their treatments.

Platform EggDonationFriends, based on valid information

EggDonationFriends is a digital platform founded by three patients who have undergone an IVF treatment themselves. Through the website, patients interested in egg donation or surrogacy have access to accurate and updated information.Its goal is to help families make right decisions when selecting fertility treatments abroad based on valid information. EggDonationFriends stands for transparancy both in the treatment process and concerning the clinics that offer these services.

These values coincide with those represented by Tambre Fertility Clinic. Therefore, the Spanish clinic is collaborating with this platform since last May. In these months, we have been able to help many families who have chosen us to take the next step in their fertility journey. We are delighted and we hope to continue our partnership with EggDonationFriends for many, many years to keep fulfilling the dream of many more patients of conceiving a healthy child.