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Tambre Fertility Clinic will be in London 1st-2nd February

More and more people are travelling to Spain for fertility treatment. According to the National Association of Fertility Problems (Asprion), Spain in the preferred destination for international patients to undergo reproductive assistance, 40% of who come from Spain’s neighbouring countries in Europe, such as the UK. This figure continues to rise year upon year. Clinica Tambre is one of the most prestigious assisted reproduction clinics in Madrid, and is home to the latest reproductive technology, astounding success rates and a clinical team with over 40 years of experience in making families whole.

The reasons for coming to Spain are plentiful. We cater for a wide variety of clients, possess the latest quality treatments, offer world-class reproductive technology at a competitive price and retain experienced clinical teams- the list goes on. Bearing that in mind, international patients understandably may have reservations about undergoing fertility treatment outside of their home country. This can bring doubts, uncertainty, and in many cases, lead to the sad decision of giving up on the dream of having a healthy baby. Common obstacles range from language and communication problems, and the thought of being left unprotected if medical complications arise.

To overcome these common obstacles associated with international fertility treatment, it is our job to ensure that you receive a tailored package of care which starts in the UK, even before you come out to Spain. Here at Tambre Fertility Clinic, we organise patient meetings in your city to discuss your fertility treatment and provide you with full and accessible information, so that you make an informed decision before you come out to Spain.

Aim of the patient meeting in London: Empower clients to make informed decision

On the 1st and 2nd February, the team from Tambre Fertility Clinic will be coming to London for a meeting with prospective clients. The team will be formed of Tambre’s fertility experts and London-based patient coordinators. Together, we can address questions or alleviate any concerns about embarking on your fertility journey in Spain, organise travel arrangements and logistics, and ensure that you are empowered to make the decision right for you. This meeting will take place at My HealthCare Clinic in Central London.

Our top priority is to involve you in every step of your fertility journey, and create a tailored package for you. During our meeting, Dr. Laura García de Miguel, gynaecologist and medical director, will offer you a free mini-consultation with you on a one-to-one basis, to provide specific advice on your specific case. Following your consultation, Ms Darya Kozlyk, International Patient Care Coordinator, will be available to answer further questions you may have regarding either treatments that we offer and logistics of undergoing treatment at our clinic.

Book your free mini-consultation! (Limited Spaces)

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Where: My HealthCare Clinic  
Address: 15 Vanston Place, Dungannon House, Fulham, SW6 1AY
0207 129 8622

Other meetings between the Clinica Tambre team and prospective clients

Following the success of the Fertility Show London 2018, Tambre Fertility Clinic has decided to include this European capital in our list of cities where we will hold regular prospective patient meetings in 2019.

Tambre offers these prospective client meetings so that you can meet the Tambre team in your home country, make enquiries and discuss your specific care with the team. We hope this will alleviate any reservations about undergoing fertility treatment abroad before they embark on the journey out to Madrid. These meetings are held periodically, with our next planned meeting to be in May 2019.

To participate, just fill out the form. Additionally, if your city is not listed in our selection, send us an email at: and nominate your home city for your next client meeting!