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How can I improve my chances of becoming dad?

It takes two to tango, right. But sometimes the role that men play when couples are trying to conceive is not considered until the day of the sample collection. However, it is important for men (and their partners) to be aware of a number of factors that can have both a positive and negative effect on their chances of becoming dad even before treatment.

Whilst treatment providers like Tambre can help with medical and scientific intervention, men can help themselves prior to this in a number of ways which can promote better sperm health and potentially shorten the time to fatherhood.

There are a number of lifestyle choices that men can tweak to help improve their chances of becoming a dad which include:


Sperm temperature

Your testicles need to be kept cool in order to produce the best quality sperm. If your job means you are sitting for long periods, move around regularly, if you work in a warm environment, take a break away when you can and keep those pants loose! Wearing tight underwear is thought to increase testicle temperature so perhaps, try boxer shorts?



Smoking is bad for you and your baby. It can have seriously negative effects on your sperm quality and smoking around your baby increases their chances of getting a respiratory disease. So, if you can, stop it, if not, it is advisable to cut back.



Like smoking, drinking excessive alcohol can affect the quality of sperm so if you can, give it up or at least drink in moderation for the sake of your sperm and general health.



Some medications can also affect male fertility. Long-term use of certain antibiotics can have a negative effect on your sperm health and some chemotherapy medicines can have a negative impact too, reducing the chances of becoming dad. If you are unsure of whether the medication you are taking could contribute to problems with conception contact a medical professional to discuss.


Diet and exercise

Keep active! Exercise in moderation is good for you; combine it with a balanced diet which includes fruit and vegetables to stay healthy and maintain a good BMI.



Stress can impact every aspect of our lives including sperm production so try and keep stress levels down to a bearable minimum if at all possible.


One last thing

None of the above will be effective if you don’t have regular and timed intercourse, which means having sex around the time your partner ovulates.

Whilst these lifestyle hacks promote better general health and can contribute towards better sperm health we must also take into account the wider environment in which men are exposed to on a daily basis.

A man in the fertility clinic Tambre, Madrid, Spain.

A man in the fertility clinic Tambre, Madrid, Spain.


Harmful Toxins

It is impossible to avoid coming into contact with chemicals on an everyday basis – they are in the products we use, the food we consume and the very air that we breathe. There are however some nasty chemicals which have a negative effect on our fertility. These chemicals are called Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) – around 95% of us have EDC’s in our bodies in various levels but people who struggle to conceive generally have higher levels of EDC’s in their bodies.

EDC’s are natural or human-made chemicals that can mimic, block, or interfere with the body’s hormones. They can be found in the air, soil or water; in food, personal care products, and some manufactured products.

Avoiding contact with EDC’s is nigh on impossible but we can limit our exposure to potentially negative and harmful toxins by employing a level of care and consideration. This means avoiding activity in environments where there are high levels of pollution; reducing consumption of canned or highly processed foods and avoiding products which contain a high level of phthalates (found in plastics and personal care products).


The Tambre Commitment

If you have been struggling with the idea that fatherhood may be a dream you might not realise, don’t give up. Poor sperm concentration, low sperm count, problems with motility and viability,  abnormal sperm morphology, and sperm DNA fragmentation can be treated and are reversible. With small changes in your lifestyle and support from a trusted treatment provider, becoming a dad may be just that bit easier.

The Tambre team are experienced in identifying any contributory factors which may be causing an inability to conceive and creating a personalised treatment plan. Our work with male patients plays a central role in our commitment to provide the most appropriate assisted reproductive techniques and interventions which offer the best possible chances of success. This is our commitment.

At Clínica Tambre we take a holistic view when addressing infertility which means we take time to identify the core reasons why someone isn’t able to conceive, from a male and female perspective. We have been working hard to increase our knowledge and capacity to help individuals and couples for over forty years and are committed to helping men just as much as women.

We are pioneers in research on male factor infertility and have been responsible for important studies into Azoospermia, DNA Fragmentation, and immotile spermatozoa as well as investigating the link between sperm quality and antioxidants.

Our dedicated andrology laboratory, equipped with latest technology and managed by an experienced team of specialists ensures that we can use the knowledge created by our research to provide the best possible service to our male patients.

Contact Tambre to find out how we can help you improve your chances of becoming a dad.