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Welcome back to Tambre, Naveen and Madhushree


Surely, the story that follows is one of the most special we have recently lived here at Clinica Tambre. Four years ago, Naveen (41) Madhushree (36) came to undergo an IVF treatment. Due to the contact that the centre staff maintains with the patients after the process, we learned that Madhushree had given birth to a baby girl and that the couple were very grateful. Unexpectedly, the couple came back to the clinic to meet their doctor again and introduce us to their daughter.

How did they get to know Clinica Tambre?

After getting married in 2004, they understood that having children was what they wanted most. The couple, who came from India, spent eleven years trying to achieve pregnancy naturally. When they realized it wasn’t possible, they decided it was time to find out what was holding back their dream. Naveen and Madhushree, who had no knowledge of assisted reproduction techniques so far, began to do some research. This is how they met a doctor from Zaragoza, who would lead them to Clínica Tambre.

Madhushree explains that at first, the biggest challenge was facing the language barrier that appears when a person goes to any doctor abroad. However, it was a relief that the medical and Patient Care team spoke English. The couple remarked that being in Tambre was like being at home because they felt totally safe. “It was clear that we were in good hands,” says Madhushree.

How do they define their experience with us?

It is a pleasure to hear their opinion about the team, and it is moving to know what they think about Dr. Marbán. To them, she is just another member of the family, and they hold her in high esteem due to how easily they were able to trust her. “We came back four years later to say hello to her”, explains Naveen.

Naveen, Madhushree, Dr MarbanThey needed their doctor to be clear and direct. Dr. Esther Marbán exceeded their expectations through her simple explanations and empathetic attitude. The couple is thankful for the quality time she devoted to them both in person and in the distance. They can’t thank her enough for the straightforward explanation of the process, especially when they discovered that she suffered from PCOS and he had been diagnosed with asthenospermia.

Clínica Tambre and its experts always show patients all the options they have, as well as the state-of-the-art technology available. Madhushree and Naveen understood that they needed an IVF treatment, which together with the ICSI technique, would make them reach their aim.

What tips does this couple give us?

People who need assisted reproduction treatment and have not yet dared to start it, they encourage them to “make the decision now”. It is very important that they understand each process and how it will affect them. “Sometimes the result is positive and sometimes negative. The important thing is that you feel at home. Being at Clinica Tambre means being safe,” they say.

“This place is blessed,” Naveen says, bidding us farewell. Knowing that there are patients who remember us well enough to just come back to “say hello” is what motivates us. It encourages us to continue treating our patients with the very human approach that characterizes us.