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Rebecca and her baby Circe

After some years, Rebeca and her husband, IVF patients, are enjoying parenthood.

Hope, care and affection is what Rebeca and her husband felt when they first came to Clínica Tambre. This couple had been unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for serveral years on the Spanish National Health System, and when they thought they had lost all their possibilities of starting a family, they discovered a new door to knock in and they did not have any doubts about it.

The beginning

They fought during three years to be able to undergo an In-Vitro Fertilization treatment in the Spanish National Health System. Rebeca explains that at the beginning they did not know much about it and, that fact, together with the slowness and the lack of involvement or affection of the public sector made them choose a private clinic to play their last card.

After checking their private insurance, they discovered the clinic that would help them start a new and successful process.

First visit to Clínica Tambre

Smiling, she tells us that they felt thrilled again that day after a long halt in the public sector. After visiting Tambre for the first time, they had no more doubts. The human touch, the commitment of our medical team, the affection that they received and the quality of the information given to them made Rebeca and her husband know that they were in the right place. Finally there were professionals caring for their mental and physical health. “Suddenly, we felt so much better”.

An anecdote to tell…

When we asked her about something that she found positive and would like to highlight from our clinic, she talked about the bond that they had with Tambre’s medical team. She recalls the moment when they received the awaited news: “We were in the supermarket doing the shopping and we could not stop crying”.

The most difficult moment

Rebeca wants future parents to be aware that the process is hard and that negative and positive things go together. After each procedure, you will feel how your body reacts and this can make you feel gloomy sometimes, but remember that the result of everything is worth it.

She confesses that, despite the toughness, they feel very grateful for the phone calls that they received every day to inform them about the state of their treatment. This helped them to stay calm.

The most beautiful moment

“When they told us that the last results were 500 instead of the previous 70, we were sure that we had made it”. That moment, together with the first time they saw their little girl on the ultrasound are the happiest memories they have of this experience.

And now?

Now they feel happy and grateful every day. Rebeca affirms that her new routine is wonderful, despite the sleepless nights and tiredness that having a baby implies.

They are even thinking about giving their little girl a little brother or sister.

An advice for other couples in their same situation

Our interviewee does not hesitate for a moment and she advices them “do not wait”. She highlights that time is precious and that we have to follow our instintcs. Doctor Marbán, a gynaecologist and motherhood expert, told Rebeca that if we want to have children we must not lose time. Look for a trustworthy place that helps you achieve your dreams.