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Katherine is now part of the TEMPO family!

Katherine Tempo

Katherine is one of the many women who have come to us with the idea of postponing motherhood. At the age of 41 she considered whether egg freezing was an option for her as she was aware of how fertility can decline with age but received mixed advice. “After getting a positive read on a cycle, I decided to go ahead and proceed,” she explains. However, an unforeseen event arose: lockdown meant she had to postpone treatment for 6 months in the UK.


How did Katherine find out about Tambre?

Katherine explains that her relationship with our clinic started thanks to her best friend from Ireland. She had already considered and chosen a particular fertility path: to have a plan B for motherhood and to have it done in the right place. Katherine’s friend had done an exhaustive search of clinics. She finally underwent her treatment at Tambre, and shared the really positive experience.


What differences does Katherine see between Spain and the UK?

“Firstly, after research and advice, I learned that Spain was internationally recognized for its expertise and experience as a leader in this type of treatment due to the length of time it has been involved in fertility research and treatment,” Katherine said this was her main motivation for choosing Spain. In addition, Katherine thought the prices of a fertility preservation were more affordable in Spain, even when adding in the cost of flights and accommodation.

In addition, United Kingdom’s fertility legislation states that human eggs can only be frozen for a maximum of ten years for ‘social reasons’. Although she was aware that even if this had been possible, she would not have used her eggs after this time frame, she did not feel comfortable with the fact that she had to do so as an obligation rather than by choice. Katherine also explains that in many of the centres she visited in the UK she felt she was part of a very impersonal and totally commercial environment. “I found there was a lack of good guidance”, she says.


How did she feel during her treatment at Tambre?

Another feature of Tambre that Katherine would like to point out is that she did not have to deal with a huge waiting list, as there had been in other clinics. She adds that the overall experience of the two treatments she has undergone with us have been quite positive. Katherine is very pleased with both the clinic and the professionals who work here. After two rounds of treatment at Tambre Katherine reported no issues and felt fine physically. She was able to do plenty of walking here in Madrid. However, she acknowledged that she felt more tired during the second cycle, due to the different medications she was taking. “The team were honest and said that they would only take the absolute best quality eggs that would give me the best chances of success. I appreciated their honesty as they informed me that the first round had not achieved the results I was expecting, but they were looking to optimise the second round”, Katherine explains. In addition, Katherine said that she valued Tambre’s philosophy of offering personalised attention to each of our patients, taking into account their circumstances and the needs of each one of them. “The team were really good and after having more insight into how my body reacted were able to work with me to change the approach and monitor progress,” she says.


What message does Katherine want to give to other women?

Katherine is now sure that the eggs she will use in the future to achieve motherhood will be of excellent quality. The process has been smooth for her, despite having to travel to Spain to undergo her oocyte vitrification cycles. “I couldn’t recommend Tambre highly enough, they have an empathic, professional approach with so many years of expertise,” Katherine concludes.