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Elena has preserved her fertility

Elena Sevillano has preserved her fertility: “Better safe than sorry”

Elena is an ophthalmologist and, as a doctor, she knows very well that it is better safe than sorry, and that is why she has not hesitated about preserving her fertility in Clínica Tambre Madrid.

“You have to take care of your body since the day you are born”

Elena Santiago is an ophthalmologist and, as a doctor, she thinks that it is better safe than sorry. In this video she explains why it is better to anticipate possible health problems than finding a solution in the future. She is clear on this and recommends every woman to do everything that is possible to prevent an infertility problem in the moment they desire to become mothers.

“There is a lack of information that we must solve”

Elena points out that fertility treatments are a taboo topic in our society and we should talk more about them. In the video she claims that women should be able to access more information about the options they have within reproductive medicine and the state of their fertility. “They will be able to make adequate decisions with more information”.

“Now I have the confidence and tranquility that I did not have before”

Elena confesses that she is now more confident and relaxed thanks to the egg freezing treatment. She always knew that she wants to be a mother, but time flies and she has not find the right moment. That is why she thought that the best solution was to preserve her fertility in Clínica Tambre.

“It is always going to be a positive thing. It cannot be negative”

Elena believes that preserving your fertility can only bring good things to your life. For that reason, she recommends it to all the women that are close to her. It is clear to her that it is very positive for women who cannot become mothers before they are 30 years old

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