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The benefits of fertility massage: a conversation with Raul Garcia

Raul Garcia Masaje Tambre

A while ago we shared the talk we had with our osteopath, Nacho Ordaz, on the implementation of manual therapies in assisted fertility treatments. At Tambre we are lucky to count on not only one, but two fertility massage professionals. Today we explore everything that this technique can provide together with Raul Garcia.

What is the fertility massage therapist’s mission?

According to Raul Garcia, the main function of a therapeutic chiromasseur like him consists of working on soft tissue in order to eliminate the possible blockages or tense points that can affect muscular fibers. It is important, likewise, to allow for good articular movement and stretch the musculature for fibers to become flexible and elastic. In this way, muscles will tend to be less prone to lesions despite the blockages that may occur.

The massage makes muscles, facia and organs become less tense and thus, relaxed. This will lead to them working and carrying out their functions in optimal conditions, therefore helping the likelihood of success of the fertility process.

What is the perspective in Spain regarding complementary therapies?

Our masseur believes that alternative therapies are valuable, as they help eliminate negative stress accumulated in the body and mind. When palliating the tensions that arise out of this stress, patients live their assisted reproduction process in a more comfortable and positive way.

“To me, Tambre is a clinic whose workers are great professionals. They are close, kind, and respectful. Besides being pioneers in technology and treatments, they are very open to include different techniques such as massage or acupuncture when noticing that patients demand them. It is true, however, that complementary therapies in Spain are not as valued as in the rest of Europe. Nevertheless, it is also true that there is ever more available information and more centres that give access to such therapies”, he explains.

Welcome to the Tambre team, Raul!

When asked what he is most passionate about in his work, he explains he loves contact with people. He always listens attentively to what he is being told and does everything possible for those who come to him to feel better. “I love helping people”, he says.

Our therapeutic chiromasseur begins this adventure with much excitement, becoming yet another indispensable piece of the machine that forms the multidisciplinary team of the clinic. “Tambre helps those patients who, for one reason or another, have not been able to become parents yet, and in this centre they are able to fulfil their dream. It is a beautiful objective that is worth getting involved in”, Raul concludes.