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International Women’s Day 2022 and a very special surprise for the Tambre professionals

Día Internacional de la Mujer 2022

Today, 8th of march, we commemorate the International Women’s Day and at Tambre, of course, we always pay tribute to our staff, currently 95% of whom are women. Moreover, we can proudly say that all positions of responsibility are occupied by women.

On this day, we cannot forget our patients either, who are always persevering, fighting and have enormous strength. Last but not least, we would like to mention our donors, whose generosity makes many other women happy.


Intenational Women’s Day in Tambre in previous years

Every year at Tambre we prepare something special for this day. To refresh our memories, last year in 2021, we wanted to pay special tribute to our patients, and we prepared an emotional video in which we chose four patient couples and asked them what they admired in their wives as a result of the treatments they had undergone at Tambre.

In addition, the men dedicated some beautiful words to their women highlighting,  in several occasions, their resilience. This way, last year’s recognition went to them: our admirable patients. If you lost it you can watch it here.

In 2020, it was our CEO, Inge Kormelink, who gave a  powerful speach to the clinic’s professionals. While introducing the women in charge of each department, Inge described Tambre’s employees in her eyes: unstoppable, constant, precise and creative, among many other adjectives.


How do we commemorate Intenational Women’s Day this year?

This year, it is precisely they who are going to talk about our patients: the women of Tambre. We wanted to ask six of our professionals what they think of our patients and they told us a lot of things.

More tha anyone else, they have been hand in hand with each of our patients and, along each treatment, they have been able  to get to know them, on many occasions closely, and practically  all of them have something in common. All our patients have something that unites them, and that is the strength to face an assisted reproduction treatment and that final dream: to have a baby.


Who were the stars of International Women’s Day 2022?

We asked one woman from each department what they thought of our patients at Tambre: María Vázquez, Head of International Patient Care; Anabel Herman, National Patient Care Coordinator; Raquel Urteaga, Head of the Psychology and Emotional Support Unit; Marta Ruano, Head of Nursing; Carolina Andrés, embryologist at the In Vitro Fertilisation Laboratory and Dr. Paloma Sánchez Gómez, fertility specialist.


A message for our wokers for the International Women’s Day

Witout them knowing, we contacted some patients and we asked them to write their opinión about each of our specialists in assisted reproduction.

Afterwards, in order to pay tribute to them too, we showed our professionals at Tambre what the patients had highlighted about them during the treatments.

They were all excited and they loved the detail. In this beautiful way, this year we have recognised the work of our experts in Tambre, as well as the tenacity of our patients.


Our patients: our engine to continue fullfiling dreams

We owe ourselves to them. To each and every woman who come to Tambre, whatever their situation. Every woman who arrives is unique and special and we always do our best so that they can fulfill their desire to be mothers.

We would therefore like to end today by thanking our patients, the great diversity of women we are lucky enough to meet day by day, and, of course, all those who are part of the great Tambre family and who help other women to achieve their precious motherhood.


THANK YOU to single mothers, with a male partner or with a female partner, to women who decide to preserve their fertility and to those who have the altruistic gesture of donating their eggs. Today is 8 March. The day of each one of you.