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From two to four: the story of Esther and Belinda

Esther from Cadiz and Belinda from Madrid, are a couple that has been in love for 11 years now. Since they got married, it was clear to them that they wanted to start a family, so they began to immerse themselves in the world of assisted reproduction. Esther and Belinda, who met each other while travelling, knew that they would continue exploring the world, but  mdestinatioesling the world swoche von uns betreut. ploring the world, but this time the destination was motherhood.

Their visit at Clínica Tambre & the election of their treatment

They heard of  Clínica Tambre from a friend who knows Patricia, an embriologist at the clinic. Ever since they walked in through the doors of Tambre, they noticed that they could not have been treated in a more personal way. The medical team explained in detail all the processes that were possible for them and after studying their situation, they began their treatment. Their dream of being mothers was getting closer.

In their particular case, they agreed that the one who was going to carry out the child would be Belinda since “she is younger, so she can take it better”. The couple perfectly remembers the day that Dr. Esther Marbán called to tell them that they were pregnant after their first attempt. The couple said that they were in the car and by the emotion of the moment, they were shouting and crying for joy.

The arrival of their princess

Nine months later Jimena was born. Her moms describe her as a girl full of love. The couple has no words to describe what they have experienced in Tambre. They value a lot how they have been treated by the whole team, starting with Patricia, a link between them and the clinic, to whom they are very thankful for her work and personal support. In the same way, they emphasise the close and special relationship that they developed with Dr. Esther Marbán, which they nickname as “their angel”.

Two and a half years after their first daughter was born, Esther and Belinda decided it was a good time to continue expanding the family. “So without thinking twice, we came back to Clínica Tambre,” they declare. This second adventure with us began with a new treatment and ended with the birth of Vega, a beautiful baby girl.

As a fertility clinic, we are always very happy to hear from our patients and even more if they tell us that they have made their dream come true – like Belinda and Esther with their 5 and 2 year old girls. It is very nice to know that we have been able to contribute to the fulfillment of this dream.

Last but not least, Belinda and Esther would like to transmit their uplifting spirit to all women who undergo fertility treatments. “Do not give up, because you can achieve anything you want,” they say while remembering what it is like to hear their baby’s heartbeat for the first time.