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Dalila has already taken the plunge, and you?

“My project for this year is to freeze my eggs with Tambre”. Our TEMPO ambassador, Dalila, uses this sentence to start the video she sent us to explain her experience with us.

One of the main characteristics of TEMPO is that it understands that every woman has a different reason to postpone motherhood. Therefore, each treatment and treatment timing are adapted to each patient.

Who is Dalila and how did she find out about us?

Dalila is 35 and has an important community manager job. The first time she offered us her testimony she told us that she had started to think about freezing her eggs because while she knew that she wanted to be a mother, she also knew that it was not the right time. However, she was aware of the passage of time and she knew that she had to find a solution. “At 33 I knew it was the right time to do it. Now or never”, she explains. That is how she started to do some research on the Internet and through her friends on fertility preservation.

Even though she lives in Switzerland, the TEMPO project was a perfect match for her, so she decided to make an appointment and trust in the clinic’s experience treating international patients.

“I was very happy when I left the clinic, I knew exactly what I was going to do and with whom I was going to do it”, Dalila admits. She remembers her first appointment with her doctor, Esther Marbán, it ran smoothly. Communication between them was very natural from the beginning, and our fertility expert eased her worries and answered her questions. “With all the necessary information, good decisions can be made”, she says.

Our team was going to meet Dalila in April, everything was ready to start her first fertility preservation cycle. However, something unexpected happened.

COVID-19 and an unexpected change of plans

The first thing that Dalila felt when she had to postpone her treatment was frustration, she had invested so much time in making the decision to freeze her eggs and to take the plunge. Not knowing when the confinement was going to be over did not help either. To top it all, she was affected by both the Spanish and the Swiss situation.

Our patient is very grateful for how our professionals have supported her, answered her questions and rescheduled her treatment.

She has also followed us on social media and has been in contact with our team, which allowed her to know that we came back the 11th May and that we will probably be able to see international patients like her by July.

Dalila is now facing this situation with determination and she is eager to start. “It has to be postponed for a couple months, but it has to be done, we are so close to making this project happen”.

To conclude, Dalila has something to say to every woman out there who, like her, is thinking about postponing having a baby: being scared and having doubts is normal. Based on her experience, if you cannot stop thinking about it, it is crucial to make an appointment at whatever clinic you have chosen to consult with a professional and see how you feel. “To me, that is essential; and I think that is one of Tambre’s greatest strengths: human contact, she claims.

If this testimony made you want to have a plan b regarding motherhood, do not hesitate to contact us through the form below. We are here to help you. Like we always say, each woman should become a mother at their own TEMPO.

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