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The academic world recognises the excellent professional career of Dr Pedro Caballero (Fertility Clinic Tambre)

The Illustrious Academy of Health Sciences Ramón & Cajal has named Dr Pedro Caballero (Fertility Clinic Tambre Madrid) an Academic Member. This honor goes to this illustrious doctor as “a recognition of his excellent professional career and his notorious prestige in the health sector”. The renowned institution announced this during the solemn ceremony that was held today in Madrid. Additionally, the Illustrious Academy has named Dr Caballero as an Honorary Member.

Doctor Carmen Slocker de Arce, president of the Illustrious Academy of Health Sciences Ramón & Cajal, was the one giving him the award. Dr. Slocker de Arce has addressed some warm words to the attendees: “It’s our mission to form a team so that excellent professionals and great people, can share their knowledge that reverts for the benefit of society. If you’re not a nice human being, you can not be a great doctor either. Our reason of our being is to help others.”

Accompanied by friends and people from the health sector, Dr Pedro Caballero was very thankful for this award. He shared some emotional words with the team of professionals who have accompanied him throughout his career. “If I have come this far it has been thanks to the excellent team of professionals that has accompanied me throughout my life. But, above all, to my family, to whom I am especially grateful because not only have they shared with me this passion for assisted reproduction, they have always supported me in the most difficult stages”, he said.

A life dedicated to Fertility

Doctor Pedro Caballero is an international reference in Gynecology and Obstetrics. He started working in assisted reproduction more than 40 years ago. As a result of his ambition, commitment and dedication he created Fertility Clinic Tambre, a pioneering and avant-garde medical-surgical center specialised in Gynecology and Fertility located in the heart of Madrid. Furthermore, he took advantage of his experience in Andrology to create the second Spanish Semen Bank in 1980. Dr Caballero understands how to grow continuously despite experiencing difficult times. And he has succeeded because he has always surrounded himself with an excellent medical team and the most accurate and innovative technology. Thanks to this, he has achieved success rates of Fertility Clinicc Tambre well above the Spanish and European average. Tambre has become a center of excellence inside and outside of Spain. However, the key to his professional success lies not only in his more than 40 years of experience and his entrepreneurial spirit. Dr Caballero has always distinguished himself by his ability to offer patients a warm and personalised attention. Furthermore, Dr Caballero is actively involved in the advancement of science. Due to his scientific studies that he has published in prestigious scientific journals, he is seen as a reference among the scientific community.