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Merck takes a tour of Clinica Tambre

Asi comienza todo Tambre


Natalia has just arrived at Tambre and naturally she has many questions about the process she is going to begin. As she takes the stairs, her specialist, Dr. Laura García de Miguel, welcomes her with open arms. Together, they go into one of the consultation rooms in the centre where the Medical Director shares Tambre’s philosophy to Natalia, who, is about to begin a journey which will be one of the most important trips of her life.

The patient then has the opportunity to see the IVF laboratory and its Director, Dr. Susana Cortés is able to show her some of the technologies which are employed by the centre’s Embryologists like the latest generation Geri® incubator, as well as explaining some of the techniques that they undertake. During her visit, Natalia also learns that the Clinic has its own egg and semen banks which ensure exceptionally high success rates for those treatments which require the donation of gametes.

After her tour and the explanation behind the science, Natalia meets with Dr. García again, who points out the operating theatre next to the laboratory and says that the place where they currently stand is the rest room in which she will use on the days of the retrieval and embryo transfer.

Before ending her visit, Natalia has something very important to do: to meet Inge Kormelink, Tambre’s General Director. Inge divulges that she had also been a fertility patient so was well aware of how Natalia was feeling during this period. With affection and empathy Inge promises that the Tambre team will be by Natalia’s side throughout her treatment, supporting and satisfying her every need.

For more than 40 years, the Clinic has been sharing good news with patients just like Natalia and helping literally thousands achieve their dreams.

Natalia is grateful for having the opportunity to visit the centre and meet some of the team. The last word is from Inge Kormelink, on behalf of everyone at Tambre, “Your dream is to be a mother and ours is to help you achieve it.”