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Tambre presents two innovative studies at the ESHRE fertility and embryology congress in Amsterdam

Clinica Tambre is taking part in the ESHRE 2024 Human Reproduction and Embryology congress, which is held between the 7th and 10th July in Amsterdam. This event is the most important in the field of fertility in Europe and this year celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Members of the team, accompanied by our CEO Inge Kormelink, Scientific Director Dr. Ángela Llaneza, embryologist Raquel García and Scientific Advisor José Horcajadas, will present two innovative studies developed by the Tambre Foundation and learn about the latest developments from the world’s leading infertility specialists.

The congress enables the Foundation to fulfil one of its objectives, which is to promote research, innovation and scientific progress in fertility and assisted reproduction.

The Tambre Study’s

Probiotic Treatment and Pregnancy Rates

This study evaluates the impact of probiotic treatment in patients with different Lactobacillus species in the endometrium. Implantation and clinical pregnancy rates were high, highlighting the importance of rebalancing the endometrial microbiota to improve fertility outcomes.


Evaluation of pregnancy rates post-probiotic treatment in patients with varied Lactobacillus species in pre-transfer endometrial microbiome analysis

García L., Beltrán J, Díaz-López C., Campos D., Horcajadas J. A., Llaneza A

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Sperm Selection by Microfluidics (ZyMot-ICSI®)


This study investigates how the ZyMot-ICSI® sperm selection technique influences the genetic quality of embryos. The study observed that this technique decreased the number of embryos with alterations in their chromosomes (aneuploids) and increased the number of chromosomally normal embryos (euploids) and mosaics, which are those that have a mixture of normal cells and cells with chromosomal abnormalities, potentially improving success rates in fertility treatments.


Euploidy and mosaics rates using Microfluid Sperm Selection Techniques (ZyMot -ICSI®)

Cortés S, Arasa M, Andrés C., Cordero C., Rodríguez-Roque C., Almoyna A., Navarro H., Horcajadas J.A.